One Piece Chapter 715 – The “C” Stands For Chaos

One Piece Chapter 715 - Block C

What other surprises are we store for in Block C, I wonder…

Aw so Luffy’s identity wasn’t revealed yet, I was sure it would it after he made that jump to smash Hajruudin out cold, what a shame. Well at least I still get to look forward to how the crowd to find out who this entertaining gladiator known as “Lucy” will be. Lots of action this chapter and plenty highlighting given to the other formidable participants in the C block, especially the Funk Brothers, I wonder what is up with them, some sort of fusion?

One Piece Chapter 715 - The Explosive Cannon Ideo

The explosive cannon huh…is the secret in his stance or those odd shoulders of his?

Ideo, he looks weird a bit too cocky, I’m hoping Luffy shows him what a real punch should look and feel like. Although I admit, this stance Ideo uses has me interested, can it be utilised by Luffy in conjunction with his punches to make them more destructive and impacting?

One Piece Chapter 715 - Sai and the Hasshoken

Hasshoken can be an incredibly useful technique to Luffy

The Happo Navy fighters – Sai, Boo and Don Chinjao utilise some interesting hand to hand combat technique, the Hasshoken, an attack that uses vibrations to break the enemy’s armor and weapons. I wonder what the intricacies behind this technique are. Will be interesting to see if Luffy can pick up the motions and flow of this technique while engaging with Chinjao. If so then it will be possible for Luffy to attempt to get a handle on the ability if and when he does face off against Bartolomeo and his barriers. Straight forward punches ain’t going to work against Bartolomeo, even punches from a Fishman didn’t work (a four thousand Seiken to boot), but I wonder if a Hasshoken punch will make any difference. Vibrations could very well be the key to shattering the seemingly unbreakable barriers of Bartolomeo’s Bari Bari no Mi and who knows after Luffy learns how to utilise the Hasshoken during his battle with Bartolomeo, he may even be able to use it against Doflamingo and his “strings”. It would give more meaning to this Corrida Colosseum story and be incredibly badass seeing Doflamingo’s attack fail so epically.

One Piece Chapter 715 - Jean Ango

He could use that cactus on his hat as a weapon if he ever runs out of weapons

Jean Ango, hahah I love his name, and of course the cactus on his hat, but what has me really intrigued is how the hell did Jean manage to steal Luffy’s helmet? Is this what Jean the Bandit has been doing to the “big wigs” in New World, stealing their stuff, if so he must be really stealthy and agile, more so then he appears. Or is Jean using some ability which he has yet to reveal to the audience, like some grappling tool to help him when thieving. Curious to learn also how Jean came to possess the information of Luffy being Lucy, is he really more versatile than he appears? Along with stealing weapons, he is good at “stealing” information O.o. Luffy may have to end up using some lateral methods to catch Jean off guard and vulnerable.

One Piece Chapter 715 - The Funk Brothers

The Funk Brothers, just what…

The Funk Brothers, oh boy, what is up with them, they seem weak but they actually are really strong, what a shock. Bobby’s body is also a mystery, if an armament imbued axe didn’t even cut let alone scratch him and instead broke in two, what exactly is “he” made of and how do you deal with “him”/them? Whatever form the Funk “Brothers” have taken now, they have pretty much gave Boo a serious beating and lesson in running his mouth. Will Sai or Don Chinjao with their Hasshoken be the ones to defeat the Funk Brothers and will Luffy make this connection of the strength of Hasshoken if and when he faces off against Bartolomeo and his barriers which Luffy’s armament haki imbued punches may be ineffective against?

Now looking at the reason for why each of these fighters want the Mera Mera no Mi: Ideo wants it to get more powerful, Jean probably wants it because it’s valuable and because he is a bandit, the Funk Brothers want it to help their country (the Mogara Kingdom), and the Chinjao Family also want to use the power of the Mera Mera no Mi for their country (Kanokuni – the Flower Country). Out of these competitors, the side with the most potential to expend the story of One Piece would the Chinjao Family; what problems are plaguing their country tucked away in the far east that they would go all the way to Dressrosa and compete in the Corrida Colosseum as well as be reason enough for Chinjao to come out of retirement and fight once again? Something quite serious it seems with the three of them here. Would be interesting and exciting if Kanokuni is being targeted by one of the Yonko i.e. Kaido and in order to defend themselves against him and his crew, they sought to gain the power of the Mera Mera no Mi. Chinjao’s behaviour towards Luffy may end up changing when he finds out that Luffy plans to take down the Yonko in question (and the rest of the Yonko).

One Piece Chapter 715 - Don Chinjao's Haoshoku Haki

The Haoshoku Haki, Don Chinjao must be an incredibly relevant character to the story of One Piece then O.o

Looking forward to Luffy going seriously against another Haoshoku Haki user and finding a way to get around and overcome the experience Chinjao has gained over the years he has been pirating (including the time(s) he fought Garp).

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