Naruto Chapter 639 – Overwhelming Power

Naruto chapter 639 - Obito's grasp of doom - colour by EspadaZero (

Uh oh… – colour by EspadaZero

Obito, well now the Juubi Jinchuuriki, what a monster, and to think this is only the first form of the Juubi Jinchuuriki. I’m curious to see how the Juubi will start to evolve. The Hokages, shinobi regarded as the strongest shinobi’s in history are seemingly pretty much like flies when up against Obito now. He has already reduced two to fragments on the ground waiting to regenerate and has gone after Naruto and Sasuke who seem to be in quite the pinch now. Minato does appear to have a plan though, I wonder how he will attempt to deal with the current situation.

Naruto chapter 639 - Minato

I wonder how small other shinobi’s feel when they look at the battle the Hokages are having with Obito

Although Obito as the Juubi Jinchuuriki is super powerful now, his unfamiliarity with the Juubi inside his body and the limitations of his jutsu as demonstrated by Sarutobi, do create some openings which can be exploited – so they were effects to the absorbing of the Juubi. As for how they will, well we’ll just have to wait and see what jutsus the Kages, Naruto and Sasuke have. The battle does seem overwhelmingly one-sided right now but the brutal defeats of the Hokages are producing some valuable information to piece together the limitations and vulnerabilities of the Juubi Jinchuuriki – just like how information was accrued through the battles against Pein.

My guess as to how the Juubi will be stopped is separating the bijuu chakra within the Juubi and sealing it within something/someone else. Minato does know some Fuuinjutsu and I’m certain Hashirama knows quite a bit as well, so with those two they could come up with some plan.

Naruto chapter 639 - Hashirama vs Madara

The two legendary figures engage each other once again

Madara vs Hashirama, hahah, I’ve been waiting for this, this age-old rivalry that established a shinobi system (the village system) and ignited massive wars between two different ideologies. Will this rivalry and line of hatred end this battle or will it invoke a further calamity onto the world? Looking forward to seeing Madara’s trump card revealed and more on Hashirama’s senjutsu being covered and explored.

It was pretty depressing seeing Sasuke save Naruto only because he wants to be the one to kill Naruto, what a twisted form a love, but then again it does seem fitting if you look at Sasuke as a tsundere, one twisted by the mass of hatred he has boiling inside him. Obito must not have liked what Sasuke, probably feelings of jealously surfacing in Obito, he wants to be the one to destroy Naruto. Ah, poor Naruto…

Looking forward to the next chapter, I wonder if Orochimaru and/or the Kages will show up soon.

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