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Bleach Chapter 546 – Chilling Intrusion

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Bleach chapter 546 - the Quincy world invades Soul Society

Talk about invading an enemy world…with another world…

That was unexpected, the Quincy were able to overlap their world with Soul Society so suddenly? I guess now we know why the Quincy had to first visit Hueco Mundo before coming to Soul Society, they needed to create the imbalance between worlds to create an opening for their dimension to overlap with Soul Society. But still to overlap two worlds to such an extent…the balance between worlds sure has become dangerously distorted, what happens if all existence ends because of this, did Yhwach think about the potential consequences before messing with the universes? Anyway nine days, according to him, the sealed King of Quincy will conquer the world in nine days…I wonder if JuhabachYhwach is a prophet?

That was really cool of Shunsui, even though he was the bearer of potential bad news, he accepted Ichigo’s friends reactions and even offered them passes to enter Soul Society if the worst scenario does come to happen. The fact that the likelihood of Ichigo not being able to return to the human world was extremely low and that Shunsui still came personally to tell Ichigo’s friends about the possibility, it illustrates just how much he (and the rest of Soul Society) appreciate what Ichigo has done for them.

And Shunsui went to Ichigo’s family, did he happen to run into Isshin and have a little chat or did Isshin shrewdly remove himself from such a situation once again =P.

Bleach chapter 546 - Orihime

When enemies are able to see the same page as each other, it really does crumble away this shallow barrier called difference

Inoue, it must be incredibly odd for her to be in Hueco Mundo now under her own free will when before she was pretty much forced to come to Hueco Mundo, I guess that is why she is so aware of the way she is feeling right now. It is a really unique situation and moment Inoue and Sado are in right now; Arrancar, the enemy of humans and Shinigami have been forced into the victim role due to the Quincy involvement and in order to save the balance between the worlds, they have to save as many Arrancar as possible. Just like Inoue I too am anxious of the future between the worlds after these events, will former enemies turn enemies once again? Has the nature between the worlds predetermined the paths they take?

Anyway back to Yhwach, have the shinigami been caught with their pants down once again? Did they expect the Quincy to invade at a later time? Going by what Shunsui said to Ichigo’s friends regarding the battle with the Quincy and how ‘it won’t be happening anytime soon’, it does seem like Soul Society have been caught with their pants down once again. Well if they look on the bright side, they have nine days until “the end of the world”.

Sad that Bleach is going on hiatus now, six issues with no Bleach. Although to be honest I absolutely don’t mind this, Kubo-sensei has been handling the final arc of Bleach brilliantly, him giving himself more time to wrap up the string of stories he has been developing can only be a good thing for Bleach. Will be looking forward to “The Separation Story” when Bleach does return.

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