Fairy Tail – Minerva Orland, Good Or Bad Girl?

Fairy Tail chapter 283 - Minerva Orland - colour by AkilaChione (http://akilachione.deviantart.com)

Beneath that cold stare, what lies underneath? – colour by AkilaChione

I got no idea what it is with me and the evil girls of Fairy Tail but they always end up captivating me…has my masochistic side taken a liking to them? Of course it has, but my interest in them is most likely due to their pure soft selves they guard and mask with their misinterpretations and narrow views of the world and life. Minerva I believe at the core of herself, is someone quite vulnerable and pure.

Signs of Minerva’s soft side exposed itself when faced with the terror of defeat which revealed the true extents of her fear towards losing and along with the realisation that she was weak, the exterior of her egoism began to crumble. Minerva froze when Erza overpowered her, she was shell-shocked and when Sting admitted defeat, she broke down in tears at the prospect of losing…despite her cold, brutal and sadistic nature, her inner heart revealed something entirely different, a scared girl confused at what just happened.

A large part of Minerva’s attitude and actions towards people is likely due to her upbringing she had and even though we currently don’t have an accurate image about her past, we can still infer a lot from the way her father, Jiemma, acted. It can be presumed Minerva was brought up with the idea that a worth of a person lies in their strength and them being victorious. Weakness and defeat on the other hand warranted punishment and expulsion. It is Jiemma that twisted both Minerva’s pride of being strong and her fear of being weak. Rather then provide an atmosphere of acceptance and growth, Jiemma with his extreme survival of the fittest perspective forced Minerva into the mind frame of two extremes causing her to hunger after victory whatever the cost and/or method. Defeat was feared and a symbol of her weakness as well as the loss of any value her life held. This produced Minerva’s sadistic side and the lack of compassion she feels when victory is on the line.

Fairy Tail chapter 307 - Minerva and her father

Well Jiemma sure got a taste of his own medicine…

Minerva’s lack of care for her father but actual delight when he is injured by Sting indicates that she feels a lot of resentment and negativity towards him. This could be due to the emotional, mental and physical pain she endured as a child while growing up that caused her immense fear and traumatising scars.

Fairy Tail chapter 307 - Minerva's obsesion with victory

Minerva’s obsession with power and victory

Victory means everything to Minerva and she can’t help feeling that way because it was the world she lived in and the way she was raised. She grew accustomed to being feared, to being respected, to being powerful, to winning, and this all led to her shock at Erza’s vast magic power and her breaking down into tears when the unfamiliar and dark hold of defeat came to personally embrace her. Also it is relevant to note that despite all the people she has injured and used, Minerva has not killed anyone yet. She also saved Lector, even if under evil intentions she still saved him from Jiemma’s attack.

Minerva was never taught how to deal with defeat, so to her defeat feels like part of her identity or life has been stolen from her and as a result her desire to defeat Erza and reclaim her lost value is the main emotion driving her now.

Fairy Tail chapter 343 - Succubus Eye

That guy is so not buying into Minerva’s words

Minerva is still viewing the world from her initial perspective, of her having the right to rule over and order people. It will be a perspective difficult to change as it is the only way she knows of how to view the world in, but her time in Succubus Eye especially with this guy, who is currently her partner, will without a doubt get her to taste the bitterness of the real world.

Minerva is obviously trying to get this guy to obey her and show her some respect, but that guy ain’t even paying her much attention and instead he is trying to get her to realise her actual place in the matter. Minerva is unquestionably an incredibly strong mage, but the relationship she seems to have with Succubus Eye is anything but mutual. She needs them but they don’t appear to actually need her, if they did would they really send a guy out there to refer to her as ‘newbie’? Its seems more like Succubus Eye is trying to build their forces then rolling over backwards for the opportunity of recruiting Minerva (do they even know who she is?). This arc seems like it will be a real eye opener for Minerva when this Succubus Eye group is defeated and that guy escapes on his own leaving her behind due to the lack of worth she actually holds to them. Minerva would be obviously devastated if such a development came about, it will shatter the very perspective she views the world from, but her character would actually start to grow and develop from that point onward as from the pool of tears signifying sadness, confusion and frustration, she will begin to see a new side of the world she wasn’t able to before.

Also if I am right and Ultear is directly connected to this arc, then Minerva’s War God Magic will actually be incredibly relevant and useful this arc. If the ice freezing the village and villagers is the embodiment of Ultear’s magic/’time’, Minerva could very well be the one to save Ultear as with her ability to change the properties of space, she could potentially change the ice back into the magic/’time’ form Ultear can take back into herself thus having Ultear regain some if not all of her life. Furthermore it would be incredibly awesome to see Ultear, Jellal and Meredy take/invite Minerva into joining Crime Sorcière.

Looking forward to seeing how things will play out and what possible path within the infinite possibilities Fairy Tail will take.

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6 Responses to Fairy Tail – Minerva Orland, Good Or Bad Girl?

  1. Jacob Listerud says:

    You know, I’d love to see an updated version of this blog where you also talk about what happened with Minerva in the Tartaros, Avatar, and Alverez empire arcs and the Sabertooth spin-off manga.

  2. Lily Nadesico says:

    I think you’re reading too deep in Minerva’s character. Yes, as it turns out she was abused by her father, but that does NOT justify the sadism and the pointless cruelty she exhibits. When I look at Minerva, all I see is an evil bitch who beat Lucy half to death, threatened to hurt Happy (Natsu was in the wrong when he attacked Sabertooth, but Minerva could have called the authorities – but no, she decided to hurt a defenseless creature who had nothing to do with what his idiotic friend was doing), cowardly stabbed Kagura in the back after making her and Erza fight, tortured Millianna for no better reason than because she enjoyed her screams, then joined a Dark Guild for petty revenge and tried to murder Erza when she was turned into a defenseless little girl.
    Yes, there might have been a time where Minerva was a blameless victim of her father’s abuse. Unfortunately, that time is long gone, leaving us with a sociopathic monster little, if at all, better than Jiemma. The abuse might have damaged Minerva, but it didn’t completely define who she is. She CHOSE to be a sadistic, murderous piece of garbage, and she should have paid the price.
    Bottom line, her “redemption” was forced and disgusting.

    • Syphin says:

      Could be. At the very least rather than Minerva expressing her cruelty through the sheer enjoyment of the act and the resulting suffering in the victim, it was entrenched in a past built up by her father, Jiemma. Minerva was a prisoner of her own past.

      On that note, I found her journey inspiring and even though it is fictional, it was uplifting to me to see her liberate herself from her past and her father. Despite growing up in such an extreme environment, she ultimately still wanted to change.

      Minerva’s cruelty cannot be justified and realising her mistakes does not clear her of the consequences. Her coverage post re-joining Sabertooth was lacking, more focus needed to be on Minerva redeeming herself for her past actions. But for me, I am glad she made the decision to change who she is and who she could be.

      • Jacob Listerud says:

        Lily Nadesico claimed that you’re reading too deep in Minerva’s character, but I think Lily isn’t looking deep enough into her character. Maybe she wouldn’t have found her redemption “forced and disgusting” if she paid attention to the buildup to it. Which, you dedicated this blog to, even before it happened, which is even more impressive. I think the big reason why Lily is rejecting Minerva’s redemption is because she doesn’t want to think it’s legitimate. She didn’t pay attention to this blog because she didn’t want to. So I hope she’d be satisfied with this fan fiction I wrote here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12742112/1/What-Chapter-321-of-Fairy-Tail-should-have-been

        If Lily doesn’t wanna see Minerva redeemed, then she should want to see her mutilated and tortured.

    • Jacob Listerud says:

      If you still think that Minerva “should have paid the price,” then you should have liked… no… LOVED my fan fiction: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12742112/1/What-Chapter-321-of-Fairy-Tail-should-have-been
      Why? Because in it, Minerva DOES pay the price. You shouldn’t care how far Erza strays from her character to make it happen, or how over the top Minerva’s comeuppance is, as long as Minerva suffers for her misdeeds, that should be enough to satisfy you.

      • Lily Nadesico says:

        The idea that someone might not agree with you, and that you’re not always right, is simply too much for you to understand, right?

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