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Fairy Tail TV Anime Returning

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Fairy Tail chapter 341 - The Anime Returns

Thank you Japan! Thank you Hiro Mashima-sensei!

Hell yes! Mashima-sensei did say there was really good news this month and how right he was. I was hoping the anime would return and it is…ah these tears of joy, so warm…

I’ve said this before but I want to say this again, out of all the shounen anime I’m watching and have watched, Fairy Tail is the shounen title with an anime that compliments the manga the best. Watching it makes you love the characters more, it makes you love the story more, it makes you laugh at the humour even harder, it makes your already wide smile even wider, it makes that inspiring feeling within you burn even hotter. Whenever there is a Fairy Tail episode out, I always look forward to watching it. And yes, the soundtracks are absolutely amazing.

It could be a few more months until the TV anime actually resumes, but I don’t mind, I have my confirmation that the TV anime is green-lit for more episodes, so I am ecstatic right now =D.

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