One Piece Chapter 714 – Shingeki No Giant

One Piece chapter 714 - Luffy vs Hajrudin

Hajrudin just had to go and make Lucy mad..

Sorry I couldn’t help myself =P, especially after seeing the panel with Luffy standing behind the Giant, Hajrudin. I tremendously enjoyed seeing Lucy entertain the crowd with his joyful antics and then when pushed to fury by the fall of Ucy, unleashing on Hajrudin. The shocked reactions by the spectators as they are left in awe just add icing to the already delicious scene of Luffy unleashing.

There haven’t been many Elbaf Giants revealed in the story of One Piece so far – Hajrudin is the fifth by my count, but when an Elbaf Giant is introduced into the story it is a very meaningful development with the Giant’s role extending into one of importance (Dorry, Brogy, Oimo and Kashi all had important roles to play helping the Strawhats). So as of right now, even with Hajrudin getting a face full of Lucy fury and bowing out of the Corrida Colosseum competition, he may yet have another role to play this arc.

One Piece chapter 714 - Hajrudin defeated

That HAD to hurt!!

Luffy may just start unleashing on the rest of the competition now that he has been kick-started which means he has practically become the colosseum’s new Death God =D.

Glad the chapter started with Nami, Chopper, Brook and Momonosuke, I was really curious to know what was going on with them. And ouch, I guess that mystery person within their ship wasn’t Monet…my body shivered slightly when it realised the mystery person was Jora..what a disturbing presence she gives off.  But how amusing her ability is, the ability to change what she likes into a toy-ish abstract art form. Now I have my confirmation about what sort of issues surround Dressrosa in regards to the toys. So Jora is the reason toys can walk, talk and behave life-like and that’s because they are real people to begin with and Jora has just used her ability on them. I wonder if Brook, Chopper and Momonosuke lost the use of their devil fruit abilities with their transformations, if so then Jora’s ability is quite deadly. Going to be interesting to see how Nami and company toy their way out of this and restore everything and everyone that has been altered to their normal form – I wonder what the weakness to Jora’s ability will be =/.

The arc is starting to have so many converging and overlapping stories; with this chapter, I’m now interested in learning more about the Toy Soldier’s past and how Rebecca and he are connected. It appears Rebecca’s father is Gladiator Ricky, he bears a lot of guilt for what he has done to her in the past – he left her in order to fight in the Colosseum? Was he forced to fight in the Colosseum with Rebecca’s life as a threat? Will be interesting to see how these two character are further developed into the story of this Dressrosa arc. The dwarves as well, they have a connection to Montblanc Noland and have some issues with Doflamingo that have yet to be revealed. There’s also Violet, Kin’emon and the issues surrounding him, the Mera Mera no Mi, Doflamingo’s past, and Bartolomeo who seems to have some history with Luffy; so many elements and character stories are converging in this arc. It’s fantastic how One Piece can expand the scope of an arc wider then its apparent appearance and incorporate so many elements together. Looking forward to the coming chapters.

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