Naruto Chapter 638 – The Collapse Of Anarchy

Naruto chapter 638 - Juubi Jinchuuriki - colour by i-azu (

Version 1.0 of Obito’s Juubi Jinchuuriki form – colour by i-azu

Has Obito really thrown any belief that humanity won’t fall into the same darkness he fell into away? Does Obito believe that strongly the inevitable end for each person is an ocean of despair and pain to drown and suffer in? Has the Obito who was so hopeful and positive thinking really disappeared from the person now known as Tobi?

I am pretty much in disbelief, Obito was able to seal the Juubi so easily within himself, especially while on the verge of death…I get that Obito has both the Uchiha and Senju DNA flowing within him, but to seal such a titanic being like the Juubi within himself so quickly, its unreal! Sure the Juubi wasn’t complete, but I would have expected a more intense sealing ritual then what just happened…Surely there must be some sort of downside to Obito for carrying out such feat.

Naruto Chapter 638 - The Juubi Jinchuuriki

It’s almost as if Obito used the Dragon Balls to wish himself back to full health…

Regardless, Obito’s Juubi Jinchuuriki form version 1.0 looks pretty badass, particularly the back with the seal and the protruding fins. Curious to see how the final form of the Juubi Jinchuuriki will look.

Naruto really putting his new earned skills to work, especially in regards to his analytical abilities, I quite enjoyed watching Naruto explain how he knew Obito wasn’t under Madara’s influence and planned to become the Juubi Jinchuuriki from the start.

Hashirama’s Myoujinmon being shattered to pieces by Obito was a shocker, the same for the Four Red Suns barrier, Obito barely even exerted himself and he tore through those jutsus like it was paper, seriously there must be some downside or weakness to this form. Obito even managed to take down Hashirama and Tobirama but it will probably be revealed that it was just their clones, so I doubt they out for the count yet. Obito doesn’t exactly seem himself, seems the Juubi’s presence is messing with his psyche and soul, I wonder if Obito is fine with losing himself in the colossal power of the Juubi =/.

In chapter 635, Orochimaru confirmed that Shikkotsu Forest is the place where Katsuyu is from, which confirms that along with Jiraiya (Mount Myouboku) and Orochimaru (Ryuuchi Cave), Tsunade is also connected to one of the three legendary places.  As for what exactly Shikkotsu Forest is legendary for, it should follow the flow of Mount Myouboku and Ryuuchi Cave and have to do with something focusing around Senjutsu. It seems like the likely scenario that within the Shikkotsu Forest, a form of Senjutsu is also taught.

It would be incredibly badass if on top of the Byakuugo no Jutsu, Tsunade had another trump card up her sleeve. Tsunade is practically immortal as long as that Byakuugo no Jutsu is active, which is as long as she has chakra. If Tsunade was able to use Senjutsu and enter a Sage Mode relative to the Shikkotsu Forest, she could rebuild her lost chakra without much down time and effectively battle indefinitely without dying. The fact that Tsunade is one of the best shinobi at chakra controlling if not the best (Sakura is up there with her), makes the combat potential of Senjutsu even more deadlier because unlike other Senjutsu users like Naruto and Jaraiya, she wouldn’t need as much down time to build up chakra required for jutsu because she uses the chakra she has in the most efficient way with minimal chakra waste.

Tsunade is also a direct descendant of the Senju clan, giving her an incredibly strong life force and physical energy, as well as granting her great durability and stamina. And being also a direct descendant of the Uzumaki clan, her life force is blessed with immense vitality and endurance. Given that, it should be entirely possible for Tsunade to have been able to learn Senjutsu and be able to utilise it. Taking all this in consideration and assuming Hashirama will bite the dust before the battle reaches its eventual conclusion, will Tsunade become the present day Hashirama or a shinobi of that level?

As for Sakura, she also has excellent chakra control, one of the best in the manga, and she already has demonstrated she has a massive chakra pool – activating her Yin Seal: Release, so she could also be able to utilise some of the jutsus Tsunade has learned and created and even be a candidate for the potential Shikkotsu Forest Sage Mode.  If Sakura can use Senjutsu and enter into a Sage Mode, she could channel the chakra she gathers from nature into Naruto via Katsuyu.

Also on the topic of Senjutsu, I’m curious to learn what Senjutsu Hashirama is using. So I’m quite confident that Hashirama’s time in the manga isn’t up yet, he has to really unleash on Madara first and engage in epic shinobi battle that burns inspiration within the hearts of the shinobi witnessing it, in particular Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.

Naruto Chapter 638 - Madara

Of course, he would be saving some incredible jutsu for a time like this, oh Madara

Also curious to see the trump card Madara has been saving – does this guy ever run out of jutsus? Looking forward to the coming chapters.

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