Bleach Chapter 545 – Preparations For Pandemonium

Bleach chapter 545 - Hiyori

Poor lemons…

Rukia! About time this main character is brought back into the focus of the story. So along with Renji, she is under going the intense training of the Royal Guards, good to know that she is being carried forward power-wise with the rest of the cast. Hopefully we get to see her Bankai released in this final arc of Bleach.

So the five levels of training the Royal Guards offer is; healing followed by eating followed by having your zanpakutou reformed followed by getting your Shihakushou refitted followed by concentration/focus on reishi (spirit particles) and sensing the reiatsu (spiritual pressure).

I’m understanding the first three steps but not so much the fourth and fifth step (I wonder if there are any more steps), hopefully when Ichigo proceeds through those two steps we get a more in-depth and detailed coverage of what those steps entail. The fifth step seems to deal with focusing on the condensed reishi within the temple and enduring the intense reiatsu created as a result. I suppose training in such a way would help consolidate the increased reiryoku (spiritual power) Rukia and Renji have gained from the previous four steps and to develop their reiryoku to release a level of reiatsu on a level equal to or greater then what they are enduring. The inner sanctum which Rukia and Renji are moving to now probably has a significant increase in reiatsu (due to even more denser reishi), so it will be interesting how many more times powerful their reiyoku and reiatsu will be. Against the Quincy who utilise reishi as their main weapon source, being able to sense the subtle changes in reishi and respond to it could help them overcome one or a few when they do engage in combat.

So Byakuya is starting the training as well, I wonder if his zanpakutou will change or evolve in any way. It was already badass before but it had its limits which were exposed severely in his previous battles, so if his zanpakutou does evolve I wonder what form and characteristic it will take O.o.

Bleach chapter 545 - Visored

Will the Visored get to see some action as well this final arc?

Hiyori, lol, she so enjoyed Hirako making her feel ‘special’ =), well whatever the case, she following his request and is on her way to repair the distortion between the human world and Soul Society’. Great how she dragged the rest of the Visored left in the human world with her – yay!

It’s impressive that Mizuiro remembers Shunsui from the Aizen event, but I’m real curious as to see why Shunsui has personally come to tell them something concerning Ichigo’s eventual ‘parting’. What exactly does he mean by that? If he meant that Ichigo and them would part, did he really need to come personally to tell them, couldn’t he have another Shinigami delivery the message? It does appear that it must be something more if he came personally to tell them. Looking forward to the following chapters.

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