One Piece – Violet, The Dancing Assassin

One Piece - The Dancing Assassin, Violet - by ignitible (

The Dancing Assassin

When an embracing heart meets dishonesty and betrayal, the cold hands of callous begin to wrap its numbing hold around draining the very essence and warmth within. Violet, a passionate women with a kind heart and the ability to see through everything thanks to her Giro Giro no Mi, was able to see through all the lies the man she had been with made, and as a result views of cynicism began to dominate her feelings and behaviour. Distrustful and jaded, behavioural tendencies stretching into ruthless, transformed this once loving and emotional lady into one cold and brutal.

It’s a moving scene, when Sanji expressed his feelings for Violet, it fleshed out her character revealing layers of depth and pain totally non-existent before. It even substantially increased the amount of relevance and interest her character can have, especially now given the situations the both of them find themselves in. It wouldn’t be too farfetched to say that Violet has now become a likely candidate to join the Strawhat Pirates.

An emotional connection has already been created between the audience and Violet thanks to Sanji easing the burden on her heart and doing what no men has to done for her before, be honest. Sanji’s kindness (coupled with his perverseness) has opened Violet’s heart to feeling love and warmth once again, and the possibility that this world is not one full of harshness and cruelty has been etched into the smile this beautiful lady is gracing us with.

One Piece chapter 713 - Violet's smile

The radiant and joyful smile of Violet

Violet has a story to tell, why is she in Doflamingo’s crew, what exactly happened to cause her to feel so cynical towards men? Who were these men? And since it has been established that Violet was honest when she made her request to Sanji, who is the person Violet wants dead? I initially thought it was Doflamingo (because so many people have beef with him now) but the link between the men Violet wants dead and Doflamingo haven’t clearly been made. Could Violet be referring to one of the “legendary” pirates participating within the Corrida Colosseum? Is it Bartolomeo? Or is this man someone entirely different? =/. There is also potential for the vulnerable and traumatized side of Violet to be explored with future stories in One Piece, like what happened with Nami and Robin.

As for the aspirations and desires of Violet, it could be anything, but since she is a dancer, it could be something like spread the joy of dancing around the world and generally make people feel happy – Violet seems like that kind of person.

One Piece - Giro Giro no Mi - by SergiART (

The Giro Giro no Mi – by SergiART

Violet’s devil fruit ability, the Giro Giro no Mi (glare glare devil fruit), it’s an incredibly interesting ability and regardless of how much combat potential is may have, it can have such tremendous application in other areas that can serve the Strawhat crew immensely – like Nami’s navigation skills and Robin’s scouting skills. The ability to tell when a person is lying, the ability to see through anything, the ability to view the thoughts of another person, the ability to exchange thoughts with another person, such abilities would be invaluable within the Strawhat crew as they begin their journey into the New World with the intent of taking on all the Yonkou and winning. It’s obvious but this ability has me incredibly excited, both at its power and at the potential challenges and trails the Strawhats could end up facing if they end up traveling with Violet.

Violet has physical skills as well, she is an assassin so we can assume she is a capable fighter and what’s more it seems then when she doesn’t use her devil fruit offensively she uses her legs as a weapon – just like Sanji with his kicks. The fact that Violet is a dancer allows for a stylized style of combat from her and a base for what her abilities and attacks can be named after.

One Piece chapter 712 - Sanji and Violet

Violet, taking her displeasure of men out on Sanji

As for how Violet will fit into the crew, well she already has an established relationship with Sanji and it appears to be an extremely positive relationship so far. That could turn twisted once Sanji returns to the crew and he ends up fawning over Nami and Robin, unless this is a change for Sanji and he actually intends to be faithful to only one woman…no way, right? O.o. But regardless if Violet reacts with a little violence towards Sanji from now on, the feelings Sanji has for her are real and he will put his life on the line for her. And if she stays with the crew long enough, Violet will realise that the other members would do the very same thing, even with her being able to read their minds, she will see just how close this pirate crew is.

It feels like the crew could use another female character to balance things out as well as provide some more company for Nami and Robin who just don’t see the charm and excitement in the Franky Shogun Mecha =O!

Brook already brings the music, what better way to liven up the dampened mood of being in the despairing New World then have a dancer invoke the joy and music within your heart and body? I’m certain Luffy would love that.

Also if Jinbei joins the crew after the Dressrosa arc and before the Wano Kuni arc, it sure would be a shocking twist when it is revealed two new members have joined the Strawhat crew rather than one – something totally different than what happened in the past.

Personally I just find that Violet would mesh incredibly well within the Strawhat crew, she doesn’t bring with her an incredibly overpowering ability that would make the Strawhats seem too powerful within the New World, but what she does bring is something more necessary, an ability that the Strawhats can utilise when they throw whatever plan the person opposing them has in the works, to hell (like what they have been doing for the past 713 chapters).

Anyway this may not even come to fruition, but I am just entertaining this thought I had when reading the recent chapters of One Piece which got me excited. It seems like a very good possibility to me so I hope it does come to pass =D.

Thanks for reading.

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4 Responses to One Piece – Violet, The Dancing Assassin

  1. Zeid says:

    I strongly believe too that Violet is going to be a part of the Straw Hat Crew, i don’t know why but i “Just Believe it would be” hehe 🙂

  2. nefario says:

    The devil fruit’s name is actually glare glare, hence the eye related powers. If there was ever a google google fruit…there would be no hope for any pirate to become king other than that user…

    • Syphin says:

      Oh wow, hahah, this post I made is almost a year old and I never realised I spelt “goggle” wrong =P. Thank you for the correction, and I do agree, if there was a google google fruit, it would be incredibly powerful =P.

  3. derrick says:

    I just think the character Sanji deserves something. It’s also cool that he’s in the most danger right probably having to fight a emperor.

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