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One Piece Chapter 708-713 – A Trick To See

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One Piece chapter 708 - Bartolomeo

Bartolomeo releasing a bit of tension…

Doflamingo, what a guy, what a mysterious and truly frightening man. Hahah so that’s what Vergo meant when he told Law not knowing Doflamingo’s past would come back to haunt him. It seems so obvious now in retrospect, but the thought that Doflamingo being linked to the Tenryuubito was totally outside my train of thought before the revelation, I can’t help but smile and say ‘well played Oda-sensei, well played’, it was a really amazing twist that has now excited me greatly.

Along with Doflamingo, Bartolomeo has me excited greatly as well. While I thought Bartolomeo was an interesting character, I didn’t really consider him as being the winner of Block B when contestants like Gladiator Ricky and Bellamy where there…and those two ended up falling quite easily. Bartolomeo’s sheer disrespect and disgust of the general public is such a joy a watch, not because I enjoy what he is doing but because the reactions he produces from people are just so dam amusing. He definitely is someone who gets under your skin and I’m loving him right now =).

One Piece chapter 709 - Winner of Block B, Bartolomeo

What a strange man Bartolomeo…I like him!

So that Toy Soldier is part of another group trying to destroy Dressrosa, I’m curious to see what story he ended up telling Franky, about the tragic history of Dressrosa. Are the toys more than they appear? Where they people turned into toys? Or are they souls of real people forced into toys? Whatever the case, the scene with Rebecca revealing the reason she is competing in the Corrida Colosseum indicates that there is much more going on then what is being shown. Goodluck Rebecca!

Green Bit, what a massive forest and what a surprise, what was said to be “fairies” are in fact dwarves, cute overly trusting dwarves:

One Piece chapter 711 - Nico Robin and the Land of Dwarves

Well now, you have my attention…

I won’t lie, I really enjoyed this scene, mmmmm Robin. Anyway back to the dwarves, Usopp’s shameless lies have even me shaking my head, but I can’t stop laughing as well…He really has outdone himself Usopp, using Luffy’s Haki accomplishment on Fishman Island to talk up his strength and his coincidental resemblance to Montblanc Noland (thanks to his helmet) to win over the dwarves trust, respect and affection. But as always, it’s never easy for Usopp, now he has to once again put his money where his mouth is and help the dwarves who also plan to engage in war against Doflamingo – seriously Doflamingo has so many enemies. Looking forward to seeing what Usoland has to offer =D.

Zoro is also mixed up in the dwarves business and is now headed to the Flower Garden like other Strawhats – Franky, Sanji and Kinemon – that is if Zoro can find his way there…directionally mentally challenged indeed, thank goodness he has Wicca with him, who knows where he would end up if left unchecked.

One Piece chapter 712 - Sanji and Violet

Violet, taking her displeasure of men out on Sanji

Sanji…wow…just wow…a tear just rolled down from my eye…what a man among men, /bow. I’m so glad that Sanji’s pure love for women bore fruit in this situation. Violet, who possesses the Giro Giro no Mi, is able to see through everything, including the lies of men, this ability created the distrust in men she has because not a single man she has been with has been honest with her. This is why when she looked inside Sanji and see his true (kind and perverted) feelings, she was taken back and emotionally moved by it, to the point of wanting to help Sanji.

One Piece chapter 712 - Sanji's honest feelings

Sanji can be quite the gentlemen at times

Law sure is in a serious pinch now. Not heeding the warning by Vergo, Law has found himself totally played by Doflamingo, it’s fortunate Sanji was able to contact him before the arranged time, otherwise, Law would be walking right into Doflamingo’s trap. The greeting by Admiral Fujitora sure created an exhilarating action sequence between the three – how badass it was seeing the three of them dispose of the meteor Fujitora created.

But wow, to think Doflamingo had ties with the Tenryuubito, is he a Tenryuubito himself? What a twist this is, I just thought he was an ordinary pirate, but no way, he is being revealed to be much much more. Just what is going to happen to his character throughout the story of One Piece, not just in this arc, I’m very curious to see. The twisted nature of Doflamingo is starting to make sense now, especially if he was subject to the world the Tenryuubito live in. But if Doflamingo really is a Tenryuubito, why did he even become a pirate? Did he want to escape the nature of the Tenryuubito which he grew tired of yet found himself unable to escape from even after being a pirate (hence the slave auctions)? Doflamingo wasn’t joking when he said his past was kind of complicated…

With Kinemon joining up with Sanji, guess we will see most of the team responsible for destroying the Dressrosa factory back on track to destroy the factory as well as accomplish their other objectives.

Curious to learn what happened with Nami and company, who was the voice they heard on the ship, one of the dwarves? If so, they could have found out that the Donquixote family have eyes on them and are on their way to attack them. Still Momonosuke has me quite on edge with him seeming quite distant at times.

Lucy! Bartolomeo has learned who he really is, and a few others already know who he really is but right know the spectators are just seeing this midget of a person with a beard unleash like a beast on the rest of the competitors. Very much waiting for the moment when the world learns that Strawhat Luffy is participating in this tournament. Looking forward to the coming chapters.

(Also congratulations on 600 anime episodes One Piece! =D)

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