Naruto Chapter 629-637 – When The End Comes Knocking

Naruto chapter 636 - Team 7 reunited - colour by i-azu (

Team 7 reunited! – colour by i-azu

One man’s desperation exasperated by intense turmoil can sure turn into something quite frightening, especially when equipped with a world destroying and creating being. This despair and fear afflicting Tobi is something much more deeply rooted then I thought, especially with him going so far as to break free from Madara’s control to become the Juubi Jinchuuriki. Has Tobi really given up hope or is he just waiting for someone to save him from the spiraling drop of loneliness?

The former Hokages working together to show the rest of the shinobi how a world destroying beast is handled. Quite badass how Minato was the first Hokage to arrive on the battlefield – living up to his title of the “Yellow Flash” like a champion. And what a pleasant shock it was to see Minato in the Bijuu form, so he is also able to access and utilise the Kyuubi’s chakra? How interesting. Hashirama has given us a teaser of what he is capable of, but I wonder if we will see more from him like how he performed during the first shinobi war, this can’t be all the “God of Shinobi” has to offer.

Team 7 reunited, that was fantastic, love how Sasuke handles his entrance all cool and laid-back and trolls everyone with his proclamation of wanting to become Hokage. This in turn spurs Naruto on to rebut Sasuke’s statement with his own usual claim of becoming Hokage. Sakura regretting how she just relied on Naruto and Sasuke during the Chuunin exams exposes the results of her hard-work and her will to walk on equal ground with them – how badass, she can use Byakuugo. The rest of the Konoha students (minus Lee and Tenten, which I am waiting for eagerly) join in on the action, show-casing just how much stronger they have become as well – hell yeah Hinata, use that inspiration you got from making Naruto realise the love you have for him!

Naruto chapter 633 - Kuchiyose no jutsu - colour by i-azu (

As if they weren’t monsters already unleashing so much chakra, they break out their Kuchiyose no jutsu – colour by i-azu

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura’s triple summon was badass, especially when it created parallels with the Sannin – those three at such young ages have mastered so many high level jutsus, they really are monsters those three. Naruto and Sasuke’s complimentary attacks echoed scenes from the Zabuza fight way back from season one for a second, what a powerful combination those two make.

Naruto chapter 632 - Rasen Shuriken and Enton Kagutsuchi - colour by tremblax (

Rasen Shuriken and Enton Kagutsuchi combine – colour by tremblax

Obito reveals what the circumstances behind Kakashi killing Rin were – so she was captured by the Hidden Mist village and had the three tailed Bijuu placed inside her. The Hidden Mist intended to have Rin and Kakashi return to Konohagakure where the three tailed Bijuu would break free from Rin and lay waste to Konoha. That is quite the shrewd and merciless strategy from a shinobi village, but Rin prevented such an outcome by having Kakashi take her life. Obito has told Kakashi that Kakashi killing Rin wasn’t the spark which started his desire to see the world fall under an illusion, it was the mechanization behind Rin’s death, the shinobi villages and the unforgiving cold cruel world created by their systems which led to such a tragic outcome. Obito says that but I still believe his main reason for wanting to place the entire world under an illusion is Rin, he loved and still loves her, the pain and sadness he feels has traumatised him to the point of wanting to end the world that placed Rin in the situation she found herself in at the end.

I’m glad the motives behind Obito’s actions have been fleshed out more these past chapters, initially when Obito snapped after seeing Rin’s death, I was under the impression that the cause behind Obito’s sudden and drastic shift in character (becoming Tobi) was seeing the girl he loved die by the hands of his best friend. While that doesn’t create substantial reason to back the changes in Obito, that by itself wasn’t so bad, what spoiled that development for me was the fact that Tobi didn’t inquire about the truth from Kakashi and just went off with his own reactions and assumptions. Turns out that while Obito may not have known the truth initially, he had in fact found out about it during his time around the world – most likely when he controlled Yagura, the fourth Mizukage and three tail Jinchuuriki. This simple development fills in such a large gap left in Obito’s motives prior to its revelation, now Obito discarding the strong views he held when he was a child has much more substantial reasons to back it up then just some heart-break. The very fact that Obito himself delved into the mechanization of the shinobi world which he deemed as the reason behind his change of view makes it that much easier to understand why he is behaving the way he is.

Naruto chapter 637 - Minato and Obito - colour by i-azu (

The sensei and the student he believed in – colour by i-azu

Badass of Minato stopping Madara from having Obito resurrect him, but I feel sorry for Minato, even with everything that has happened, for a sensei to cut down a student of theirs, it must have been shocking for Minato when he realised who Tobi was. Will Minato try to reach out to Obito like Kakashi did? Obito isn’t exactly a lost cause, his mind has just been too traumatized by his pain and suffering that it has become too ingrained in the twisted logic he now deems as the future.

Orochimaru, man it’s good having him back, he brings with him a much needed dose of unease and humour. Nice how his appearance confused Tsunade but awesome how he offered his assistance in helping her heal and regenerate. Will we get to see all five Hokages together soon? I sure hope so. And the rest of the Kages, how will they face off against Madara and Obito now? Looking forward to the coming chapters and the climax of the Shinobi War.

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