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12Dimension Turns Two

Two years already, how incredible. The speed at which time moves does leave you breathless at times. Congratulations to 12Dimension for turning two and thanks to everyone visiting the site =D!

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Fairy Tail Chapter 316-329 – This World We Live In

Overlooked and underestimated, a forgotten familiar figure claws its way out from the abyss of yesterday to resound its presence within the world of today. Along with memories resurfacing, the hearts of those bearing witness to the spectacle get swept … Continue reading

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One Piece Chapter 697-707 – Operation Luffy

I don’t even know where to start, so many developments have happened in a small period of time and my word are they good. I am so excited the crew headed to Dressrosa after Punk Hazard, I was hoping such … Continue reading

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Naruto Chapter 618-628 – Curses And Dreams

So we finally get to see a flashback of Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara and find out just how those two are connected and how they ended up on such opposite ends of “peace“. War wrought suffering, suffering led to … Continue reading

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