One Piece Chapter 696 – The End Of The Ordeal?

One Piece chapter 696 - Law

Lol…what a dark sense of humour, but hilarious nonetheless

Hahah, so we didn’t get to see who that mysterious character was at the end of the previous chapter this chapter…lol, the agony of wanting to know continues to grow =P, hopefully it is revealed next chapter O.o. Interesting chapter this one, so Luffy and Co. prolong their presence on Punk Hazard with a party, hahah, how typical Strawhat-style. Well now this give Doflamingo and that mysterious character time to make it to Punk Hazard (if they haven’t already) before Luffy and Co. leave.

Kinemon…well that was interesting, what exactly happened there? He was in pieces in his solidified state but ended up totally fine, was it just the outer layer of hardened poison that chipped off and subsequently weakened the hold of the whole layer? Would explain why Kinemon was able to break free, but how did he even breath while inside? Still hilarious to see the reaction of Sanji, Luffy and Brook and hahah Sanji kicking Kinemon out of shock was great.

Momonosuke, so he can change back into human form (so cute), though I wonder what the story behind Momonosuke and Kinemon’s refusal to accept help from others is. Due to Wano Kuni being a faction unconnected to the World Government or pirates, do the Samurai solely rely on themselves and refuse any outside help? Was cool to see Kinemon tell Momonosuke that is was okay to trust the Strawhats and indulge in the food Sanji prepared. Looking forward to the story behind the tears Kinemon and Momonosuke shed.

Law, that was quite cool, so utilising his Devil Fruit ability, he can remove the poisonous and harmful substances from the children’s body in that way, incredibly useful his Devil Fruit ability is. I wonder if Law became a doctor because of his Devil Fruit ability or if his Devil Fruit ability just happened to compliment his medical ability.

One Piece chapter 696 - Bellemere

Bellemere, a mother who refused to lie about her love for her children

The reminiscence of Bellemere by Nami was amazing, I loved it, ah Bellemere what an awesome character she was. And to connect her to the feeling Nami got from Tashigi, it really did drive home the fact that Tashigi is a great character as well, one who genuinely cares for the well-being of the children from her heart rather than out of duty. My favourite part of this chapter =).

Finding it hilarious just how hard Law is having to get Luffy to follow a “plan”, going to be something to see Law realise just how whimsical and “adventurous” Luffy really is. And Smoker, I wonder what’s going through his head and just how much does he pity Law? Smoker already knows what Luffy is like and just how ‘uncomfortable’ it is to deal with him =/.

Finally we find out which of the Yonkou Law and Luffy are targeting, “Hundred Beast” Kaidou huh, the Yonkou most shrouded in mystery, I wonder what he is exactly like and why does Law want to take him out first? Luffy’s proclamation of wiping the floor with all four Yonkou was great, hahah nice to have that confident Luffy surface. But how weird, Luffy said he would wipe the floor with “all four of them” yet he only has three fingers raised…=/. Is Luffy just being his usual silly self?

One Piece chapter 696 - Mutual Interest

Luffy proclamation to take out all four Yonkou, how bold, but three fingers?



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