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Naruto Chapter 617 – Freedom

Naruto chapter 617 - Resolve

I love this panel, it is such a meaningful and powerful scene

The “cage” that binds us, the “cage” that protects us; within its confines, we whisper words of despondency conceding to the fate within the “cage” we find ourselves existing in. Through that state of being, we further extend the reach of confinement to immure our state of mind and further imprison us within this illusionary notion of “imprisonment” to the point of making us blind to the fact that there was never a “cage” there in the first place. To be free within the confines of a “cage” expresses itself to be the boldest form of freedom…Neji’s “cage” and ‘state of imprisonment’ disappeared the moment he realised he was never outside the realms of freedom.

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Bleach Chapter 524 – Unohana vs Zaraki

Bleach chapter 524 - Unohana vs Zaraki

Who will be the one embraced during this dance with death?

What an epic chapter, I am absolutely loving this battle. To finally see Unohana in battle and get more of her character fleshed out, it’s fantastic, and to top is all off, Zaraki is her opponent. Two battle-hungry beast going at it with murderous intent and unleashed intensity, mmmmm I’m very interested to see what happens next and what the outcome of this battle will be as well as its effects.

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