Fairy Tail Chapter 315 – From Back Then…

Fairy Tail Chapter 315 - Kagura's reaction - colour by rechever3 (http://rechever3.deviantart.com)

Kagura’s reaction to a shocking truth – colour by rechever3

As expected, Erza did refuse to give her life up to satisfy Kagura’s revenge; there was just too much worth attached to her life for her to even consider giving it up like that, she had to live for both Rob and Simon who gave their lives protecting her (Natsu, Jellal and the rest of her nakama are also reasons for her to live as well). The flashback about Rosemary village was surprising though, was not expecting that twist, but it’s a lovely twist by Mashima-sensei, it established a connection between Erza and Kagura which easily deflated the anger Kagura directed towards Erza.

What a twist of fate and miraculous turn of events; Kagura was able to meet her savior from 15 years ago, and Erza was able to put to peace her concerns over the well-being of the girl she saved back then. To think Kagura and Erza had such a close connection, given certain circumstances they could become great friends. Well that thought will have to wait for later because Minerva just pulled one sad sad move full of cheapness. How a King fights huh? Sure is one sad way to fight, but I admit, it is effective.

In terms of tactics, Minerva’s plan was great; force Kagura and Erza, two of the strongest fighters in the tournament left (although Jura is still left as well) to battle and tire each other out and while the two exhausted, you head ‘in for the kill’ so to speak and net all the points. While that tactic is quite brutal and dislikable, I can’t really fault her for following through with it, it’s a calculated move and this is a tournament competition after all where winning is the ultimate goal.

I doubt Kagura is dead, the sword may have pierced right through her body but it was positioned on the right side of her stomach (Minerva such had to rush once she teleported behind Kagura =P) and will have likely missed the important organs of Kagura, thus opening the possibility for Kagura to be saved – will Erza save her again?

Fairy Tail Chapter 315 - Minerva's twistedness

Minerva sure is twisted, but exploiting a persons weakness is one way to fight

Been hoping for a Erza vs Minerva match-up, glad we finally get one now. It’s time for Erza to unleash and put Minerva in her place and show her just how ferocious a fairy who lost its wings can be! Roar Titania! Show Minerva how you fly even without “wings”! Show this “king” how ‘delectable’ a fairy really is! Well I say all that but Erza is severely injured and fatigued, so I wonder just how exactly Erza plans to fight Minerva, who is still at her full fighting level. Will be interesting to see how Erza’s injured leg affects her in her battle against Minerva, hopefully it doesn’t impair Erza too much. Possible that a third party or another participant in the tournament match could intervene this battle =/.

The title for the next chapter sure does sound ominous – “accelerating towards a doomed future”, will Sting finally reveal what he has planned to secure Sabertooth the victory? And what about future Lucy, just what does she have to say about the events about to come to pass? Is the future really doomed? Looking forward to the next chapter and having some of those questions answered or at the very least made less mysterious.

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