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Fairy Tail Chapter 315 – From Back Then…

Fairy Tail Chapter 315 - Kagura's reaction - colour by rechever3 (http://rechever3.deviantart.com)

Kagura’s reaction to a shocking truth – colour by rechever3

As expected, Erza did refuse to give her life up to satisfy Kagura’s revenge; there was just too much worth attached to her life for her to even consider giving it up like that, she had to live for both Rob and Simon who gave their lives protecting her (Natsu, Jellal and the rest of her nakama are also reasons for her to live as well). The flashback about Rosemary village was surprising though, was not expecting that twist, but it’s a lovely twist by Mashima-sensei, it established a connection between Erza and Kagura which easily deflated the anger Kagura directed towards Erza.

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