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One Piece chapter 695 - Punk Hazard Alliance

One Piece Chapter 695 – They’re Enemies

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One Piece chapter 695 - Punk Hazard Alliance

This was such a badass and awesome panel (Robin is so hot)!

What an awesome chapter, it was unbelievably amazing and well worth the wait. Seeing several of the Strawhats in action and witnessing just how much they have improved over the past two years was such a pleasure.

The Iron Pirate “General Shogun” is so incredibly badass, loved how focus was given to his robot he spent two years working on =D. Franky sure did power-up, he was able to easily take on both Baby-5 and Buffalo, members of Doflamingo’s crew. Well regardless of where exactly they stand in the line-up of crew members, it is still a significant achievement that Franky was able to combat both Baby-5 and Buffalo, both Devil Fruit users.

Luffy, Usopp and Chopper’s reaction when they seen the Shogun, amusing; the reaction of the other man when they noticed General Shogun, hilarious; the reactions of the females when they noticed General Shogun and the man crying/drooling over the sight of it, painfully hilarious…oh wow, that “dead silence” reaction, it got me good.

So sad those women don’t understand the beauty and epicness of the robot that is “General Shogun”, it really is awesome =P.

Usopp and Nami, wow, colour me impressed, I loved seeing those two take care of Baby-5, Buffalo and Caeser, looks like they can hold their two years of training was worthwhile and they can hold their own in the New World now =P. Awesome how Luffy stopped Law from interrupting his crew when they decided to finish things off =).

One Piece chapter 695 - Usopp and Namo

Fear the Usopp/Nami duo!

Usopp and Nami may have said that but they sure handled things comprehensively though, not even the Buffalo/Baby-5 combination could escape the two and lol Caeser, how cheap, trying to run away in the end….but hahaha Usopp, nice move with the kairoseki cuff and tying up Caeser at the same time as stopping him =P. Excellent team-work by Nami and Usopp, looking forward to seeing how these two and the rest of the Strawhats have improved over the past two years, mmmmmmm, can’t wait for the next big arc =D.

About the comment Buffalo made to Law about the seat of “hearts” Doflamingo had reserved for him, does this mean that there are seats of “diamonds”, “clubs” and “spades”? Are there three other crew members in the Donquixote pirates that are as powerful and dangerous as Law? Curious to find about more about the relationship Doflamingo and Law had and why exactly Law left Doflamingo…=/.

The final page, well now, what do we have here, some mysterious character heading for Punk Hazard? At first I thought it was Doflamingo who ended up falling asleep, but it occurred to me that it is in fact another character entirely…

One Piece chapter 695 - Mysterious Silhouette One Piece Chapter 319 - Aokiji sitting

It’s pretty safe to say that this mysterious character is highly likely Aokiji, mainly from the dialog and silhouette (notice how it’s a person sitting on top a creature/creature-looking-vessel of some sort). The sitting position of the mysterious character screams Aokiji (as shown in the panel on the right from chapter 319).

Looking forward to the next chapter, will Doflamingo arrive on Punk Hazard? Will the mysterious character arrive there as well? Will the Strawhats and Law leave Punk Hazard before Doflamingo gets their? Will some new twist take place? Will Monet be saved? =P, I immensely hope so…

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