Naruto Chapter 616 – What It Means To Be A Shinobi

Naruto Chapter 616 - Colour by TheALM (

To endure, means to be a shinobi – colour by TheALM

With the power to protect your comrades comes the curse of your failure to protect them; on the borderline of life and death, shinobi walk the narrow path of existence ever open to descend into the darkness below. Well that is how things should appear to a shinobi, but Naruto, he pretty much kicks that to the curb and rewrites the thinking into one where even if this “curse” were to tighten itself around his life, now that he realises that his comrades are fighting and willing to die for a purpose, for a future, he will look past this concept of “death” and continue on towards that future many hope for ever-remembering the dreams and actions of the people who fell in pursuit of it.

I’m quite surprised the Kyuubi chakra was used in that way, was not really expecting it, to help recharge the chakra levels of other shinobi. I was expecting other shinobi to channel their chakra to Naruto, but hahah, the opposite is quite an interesting turn, very curious to see how Shikaku’s plan will unfold now.

Enjoyed the time taken to deal with lose Shikamaru and Ino suffered, thought the final words by Shikaku and Inoichi were great, it closed things off on an inspiring and moving note and established another reason for Shikamaru and Ino to fight for the future they and their fathers believed in. The dialog Shikamaru had with Shikaku was especially great, reminded me of Rurouni Kenshin.

Hinata’s Kuushou was epic and badass, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of that from her, actually I would love it.

With Naruto replenishing the fatigued shinobi’s chakra, looking forward to seeing who up next, will Kakashi and Guy get another go at Tobi and Madara? And what about Lee? Will we finally see him unleash? And another thing, wonder if Naruto could distribute some chakra to the Kages who I presume are being healed by Tsunade =/. Very much looking forward to Madara’s reaction when he see’s Tsunade stroll up to the stage with the other four Kages =P.

Wonder what Sasuke and Orochimaru are doing in Konoha, is the person “who knows everything” there? Could it be the Sage of the Six Paths? Hmmmmmm.

Naruto chapter 616 - colour spread

Love this colour spread, thank you Kishimoto-sensei!

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