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Fairy Tail Chapter 314 – Resurfacing Memories

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Fairy Tail Chapter 314 - Erza vs Kagura - by rechever3 (http://rechever3.deviantart.com)

Erza’s tears of grief… – colour by rechever3

So Kagura is Simon’s sister…what a surprise, I completely skipped over that possibility when thinking about the possible reasons Kagura could have to bear her sword against Jellal. What an interesting twist, a twist that enkindled painful memories to resurface in Erza, a twist that turned Erza to the weakness she bears and the grief she has been facing ever since her weakness caused Simon’s death.

Erza may give the impression that she has accepted Simon’s death but she really does blame herself, her weakness for attributing to Simon’s death, she expressed so in this chapter, her grief over Simon’s death. That cliffhanger at the end of the chapter does make it seem like Erza gave her life to satisfy Kagura’s revenge but I don’t believe that is what happened. Back when Jellal and Erza met after the timeskip, Jellal was ready to accept death to satisfy Erza’s revenge for Simon’s death but Erza stated she believes ‘that isn’t what Simon would want her to do’. Now here in the present we have Kagura, Simon’s younger sister, ready to kill someone to satisfy her revenge (for Simon) and the person she is targeting her revenge towards is Erza. Erza, who understood and believed that Simon wouldn’t want anyone killing for his sake, would she really let Kagura kill her? Would Erza really let Kagura, Simon’s younger sister, bloody her hands for something as dark and empty as revenge? Would Erza allow the younger sister of the person she loves so much to fall into the dark path of hatred? I don’t believe Erza would, Erza is the type of person who understands just how precious life is and one who doesn’t accept death so easily.

And more then anything else Erza (and Simon) would want Kagura rather then to focus on Simon’s death, to focus on how Simon lived…a person who cherished and lived for the sake of his nakama. Kagura isn’t aware of how Simon lived while a slave under Jellal and how he exactly died (like a badass), so this is something she really does need to know, the story of how her older brother lived. Fairy Tail Chapter 314 - spilt blood

Erza’s fate…

The last page of the chapter is left vague but what is clear is the spilling of blood, as for whose it belongs to, well there are several possibilities. Kagura could have been stabbed/impaled by Minerva, Kagura could have stabbed herself, the blood spilled could have something to do with unsheathing her sword (is it a demon/cursed sword? Is the demon Rosemary – the title of the next chapter =/), Erza could have countered and stabbed Kagura, and the possibility which I like the most, Erza could have stabbed herself to knock herself out of the shocked/hesitant state she is currently in. Her apology in the final page could be to Simon as she now intends to fight his younger sister, Kagura, seriously.

With theory of Kagura having some kind of demon sword, it would link back to the comment she made about how her vision has been shrouded by a cloud of darkness ever since finding out that Simon was murdered by Jellal after being used for years as a slave. Upon unsheathing her sword, she could have released the demon within which possibly could be named Rosemary (the title of the next chapter).

But regardless of what results upon Kagura unsheathing her sword, Erza without a doubt will get Kagura out of the state of darkness she has been forced to turn to. Erza will help shine the light on Kagura’s emptiness of having her brother “taken” from her. And hopefully we can get a Erza and Kagura vs Minerva battle as they attempt to save Miliana.

Looking forward to how this fight will develop and what will happen with the Eclipse plan.

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