Fairy Tail Chapter 295-313 – Tears Of Fate

Fairy Tail Chapter 312 - colour spread by Mashima Hiro

What a delicious colour spread, thank you Mashima-sensei

Predetermined and inevitable, the forces of ‘fate’ creep through the shadows of destiny bringing with it events shrouded in tragedy, pain and loss. A calamity believed to mark the end of a nation and a turning point presumed to bring about a darkening change in the world. ‘Fate’ like the pen preceding the line, beckons humanity into the “future”.

Natsu vs Sting and Rogue, hahah wow, I did state before that Sting and Rogue were set up to get a taste of what a REAL Dragon Slayer is but wow, I did not expect Natsu to take them both on together and relatively effortlessly, but man did I enjoy seeing Sting and Rogue arrive at the realisation that they aren’t all that. Natsu completely overwhelmed them and the way in which he so convincingly beat them was so satisfying.

The Dragon Graveyard was interesting, and the story behind it even more so, was not expecting Acnologia to be the actual center for the Dragon and Human war. I’m curious to see why some of the dragon’s believed in co-existence with humans, what exactly is the story behind one of the dragons standing up against the other dragon’s and voicing an opinion of change? What experiences with humans did it have prior to that choice? And in regards to Acnologia, why did he turn on his ally dragons, including the one who thought him Dragon Slayer magic? And how exactly did Zeref corrupt/aid him into turning into a full dragon?

Arcadios, I don’t get him, he was all so pro-Zeref and dark before Yukino joined the squadron and ever since then he has been revealed to be a sort of heroic character…is this currently an act by him or was the “he” before all an act to draw suspicion away from Princess Hisui E. Fiore onto himself? I’m really curious to see what Arcadios’s game really is, at the very least, I don’t trust him =/.

Fairy Tail Chapter 302 - The Eclipse Plan

Time travel huh? Hmmmm…

The Eclipse Plan, so that’s what its all about and Princess of Fiore is the one behind it and wow…Lucy…FUTURE LUCY! Things really got serious there. So are the Gate to Eclipse really capable of allowing a person or persons to travel though time? I guess the explanation of how the Gate utilise the power of the Celestial Spirits, whose world exist on a totally different time and dimensional scale does somewhat make it believable. But changing the past sure is one dangerous can of worms to open, you may attain your desired objective but the resulting effects on time and reality sure won’t be unnoticeable. For example, without Zeref being immortal, magic may not come into existence and without magic, guild may not have been formed and without guilds, Fairy Tail may not have been created…what a despairing thought…curious to see if Princess Hisui will actually be forced to utilise the Gate of Eclipse and how the scenario “Future Lucy” described to her will unfold, just how will the winning guild win in an “outrageous fashion” and who is this guild that will attain the outcome “no one in their wildest dreams could have predicted”? Is it Fairy Tail? Fairy Tail may have gotten popular through the course of the tournament but prior to it starting no one believed in Fairy Tail, no one believed they could win (as illustrated in chapter 267 when the crowd booed during their entrance). And outrageous really does match Fairy Tail =P.

Fairy Tail Chapter 312 - Princess Hisui's Concern

Just how exactly is this Grand Magic Games going to finish off?

What I don’t get is how will the current developments lead up to the fate of ruin hinted at by future Lucy, the narration by Levi and by the premonitions of Carla? Levi said they “lost to fate”, future Lucy says the Kingdom of Fiore will be destroyed tomorrow and in Carla’s vision, she see’s Mercurius collapsing around Lucy as she is singing…What will need to take place for all that to happen? And what IS happening in that future? Will Sting pushed to the edge of despair with the supposed death of Lector and now with the belief that Minerva saved him and will release him upon the victory of Sabertooth, will Sting resort to maxing out his Dragon Slayer powers consequently turning him into an actual dragon or some dragon hybrid void of any consciousness and control (Oh Minerva, did you really save Lector…)? Will Sting be the one to beckon the Dragons into motion and signal the destruction of the Kingdom of Fiore?

Fairy Tail Chapter 313 - Sting's decision

Is he going to overuse his Dragon Force?

In response, will Fairy Tail be the ones to stand against Sting and stop his destruction of Fiore effectively winning the Grand Magic Games for them? The next day, on the 7th of July, will the Dragons have awakened and restarted their wars against human? Sting’s state and dialog at the end of chapter 313 really does suggest that his plan to win the Grand Magic Games and save Lector involves him sacrificing himself…What exactly are you going to do Sting?

Fairy Tail Chapter 310 - Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Chapter 310 - Fairy Tail Fairy Tail Chapter 310 - Fairy Tail 3

Enjoyed the battle Natsu and company had against the Empire’s executioners, the Garou Knights. Fairy Tail was badass, especially Natsu and Mira, Aquarius was deliciously yummy and Arcadios’s actions surprised me, did he really not care if he died saving Lucy and Yukio or was he aware his pendant would protect him?

Fairy Tail - color by AkilaChione (http://akilachione.deviantart.com)

Fairy Tail – color by AkilaChione

The final day of the Grand Magic Games; so the full guild battles begin and how cool, Marvis leading the attack with her insane ability to analyse and strategise, that was a great move by Mashima-sensei to include her. And THANK YOU once again Mashima-sensei, ever since it was clear that Erza would be matched up against Minerva, I wanted to see a three-way battle between Erza, Minerva and Kagura! I just love how Mashima-sensei delivers to his fans and this goes beyond delivering expected developments to fans, he delivers developments fans WANT to see and with interest and even if it is expected, it doesn’t matter because it’s handled so thrillingly and enjoyably! The three-way battle may now have turned into a Erza vs Kagura one, but the short time in which the battle also included Minerva, it was epic, I totally loved seeing the three of them go blow for blow for blow. Since I’m such a massive Erza fan, my view on who is going to win is so biased – GO ERZA!! The Erza and Kagura battle may end up shifting towards a discussion about Jellal and end up with Kagura either getting more infuriated or realising that Jellal may have changed. Erza will win and when she faces off against Minerva, she will prove to Rufus that his memorize ability is so useless in the face of Fairy Tail that he will need to memorize and unmemorize feature =/. I honestly don’t see how Rufus could have gauged the true extents of Kagura’s and Erza’s powers when they haven’t even released it. Well either way, Sabertooth are going down, Laxus will show Orga what real lightning is and Gajeel will give Rogue his second beat down. I’m curious to see who Jura faces, will he be transformed Sting’s first victim?

Fairy Tail Chapter 313 - Erza vs Kagura

Did Minerva know Kagura had some ill will towards Erza or was she just fortunate?

In regards to Yukino and the comment by Mira about her looking like Lisana, could it be that Yukino is in fact the Edolas’s Lisana but with her memories implanted/manipulated? Could just be coincidence, but it’s fun to theorise about possble developments =P.

Fairy Tail Chapter 298 - Flare's apology

I loved this development =D

And the side-story chapters were great, loved seeing the guild just relax and have some fun with humor and the usual Fairy Tail craziness woven in =P. I particularly loved how Flare followed Lucy to Ryuuzetsu Land and came to apologise to her, I found that epic and badass, I KNEW SHE WASN’T THAT BAD!! The chapter focusing on Gildarts void of any text was extremely enjoyable to read – so that’s what Gildarts was doing and hahah what, just from falling in an excited state he caused so much damage O.o, what a beast.

Looking forward to the next chapter, can’t wait to see the Erza vs Kagura battle and everything else that is about to be unleashed. And even though I’m a bit late, CONGRATULATIONS on 300 chapters Fairy Tail and Mashima Hiro, I hope you many many MANY more =D.

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