One Piece Chapter 694 – Approaching With A Smile

One Piece Chapter 694 - Doflamingo moves

Donquixote Doflamingo enters…

Oh that smile at the end of the chapter; how terrifying, how twisted, how demented, how mesmerizing, how on edge…Doflamingo looks pissed and he is heading straight for Punk Hazard, what a surprisingly thrilling development. Looks like we will get to see some action from Doflamingo sooner than expected. And hahah wow, he appears to be flying/levitating/gliding across the ocean, wonder how he doing that (manipulating his weight or surrounding laws?) =/.

Along with wanting to retrieve Caesar, I’m sure Doflamingo is also heading to Punk Hazard because he genuinely pissed, pissed that his crew met such unfortunate ends. On face value and from how he was previously portrayed, Doflamingo didn’t appear to be someone able to display a compassionate side but recent actions in regards to how he reacted to the situations his crew members found themselves in really have begun to paint his character in a totally new colour, one tinged in compassion and understanding.

One Piece Chapter 694 - Monet's farewell

That smile of Monet’s, it paints Doflamingo into a character so much deeper then he is currently perceived as

I really want to know more about Doflamingo, his past, his goals, his powers, his sacrifices…why does Law oppose him so strongly when Vergo and Monet follow him unquestionably? Vergo noted to Law that Law did not know Doflamingo’s past and that would be his doom, so what exactly happened in Doflamingo’s past and how is this significant to the current era? Monet expressed the thought that she believes Doflamingo will be the Pirate King, why does she believe it so strongly that it served as her final expression in life seemingly encapsulating all her motivations, inspirations and dreams? Just why exactly was she fine with giving up her life for him? And that smile of hers…why was it filled with so much love, admiration and thankfulness? JUST WHO ARE YOU DOFLAMINGO? What have you endured…

One Piece Chapter 694 - Caesar's desperation

Noooooooo MONETTT!!!!

My mind if desperately trying to construct a theory in which I can explain a way for Monet to still be alive after being stabbed in the ‘heart’ by Caesar (oh Caesar, what a clown…). That scene seems pretty self-explanatory but I’m still going to give stretching its interpretation a shot. Now there is no question that Caesar stabbed that block of flesh and that blood came out indicating injury to it, but as can obviously be seen, Caesar is in a weakened state and the position he stabbed the ‘heart’ in is such a weird one, only a small fraction of his remaining strength would have come through in the stab. Furthermore, the panel below the one showing Caesar stabbing the ‘heart’ shows Monet with a huge square hole in her chest, which indicates that not ONLY the heart was taken but the surrounding flesh as well, so in all likelihood, it is entirely POSSIBLE that what Caesar stabbed was just the surrounding flesh (we can all see that the stab itself isn’t that deep) and the resulting force from the act of forcing his hand down onto the ‘heart’ caused an impact on the heart of Monet’s which resulted in knocking her out. Monet herself was in a weakened state so it is also possible that just a blow to her heart could have caused her to cough up blood and knocked her out. Alternatively, the fact that she is a Logia could work in her favor and after the initial stab and injury it turned to snow and began healing =/.

Monet’s role may not be over yet, she may still yet serve the sacrifice role and end up saving Doflamingo if and when he finds himself against the wall. Well I’m hoping so intensely that Monet is still alive! When it comes to shounen manga, if it isn’t expressed 100%, I still hold a hope for the character being alive, I did it for Harribel in Bleach holding onto the hope for months that she was still alive and oh yes, she turned out to be alive!! And yea then there’s ‘that guy’ from Naruto…

One Piece Chapter 694 - Baby-5

Passionate flames huh? How hot and how cool

Franky’s battle with Baby-5 and Buffalo is great, I love how he trolling them so badly with his epic mecha Iron Pirate! WILL HE REVEAL HIS LASERZZ! Hahah that would be great (does he even have any?), but I am curious to see what new weapon features he has come up with, especially after visiting one of Vegapunk labs. Baby-5’s Devil Fruit ability is interesting, I wonder if she is a paramecia =/.

Things are going to get real interesting when Doflamingo gets there, he wants Caesar and he wants him alive. I wonder if Law will use that to his advantage ie. taking Caesar’s heart hostage and forcing Doflamingo to retreat. Curious to see how the developments are going to evolve and how this arc will move forward – will the Strawhats face off against the Shichibukai Doflamingo? Looking forward to the next chapter.

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