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Naruto Chapter 615 – Hinata’s Nindou

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Naruto 615 -  Naruto and Hinata - by rechever3

“Moving forward with your head high and not taking back any of your words…that is also, my way of the ninja!” – colour by rechever3

Lost is confusion, uncertainty and a reality perceived of what isn’t so; a hand of warmth, emotion, familiarity, and love reaches out shining the light of realisation onto the shadows of doubt, pain and fear; the hand of Hyuuga Hinata reaches out saving Uzumaki Naruto.

I can’t believe it…Naruto FINALLY realised just how much he means to Hinata and everyone else who cares for him, and Naruto FINALLY acknowledged Hinata’s emotions, words and feelings for him and returned them in kind grasping onto that hand so tightly it expressed just how strongly he never wants to let go of it. Naruto realises what needs to be done and now with Hinata by his side, all I can say is sayonara Juubi! What an epic development and what an epic chapter.

I should highlight what Hinata said in chapter 573 because it makes the developments which took place this chapter so much more powerful, emotional and awesome:

Naruto Chapter 573 - Hinata

Naruto Chapter 573 - Hinata's determination

You are awesome Hinata

I didn’t think much of her statement back then, but wow, it happened, and it makes me so happy =). Hinata is now next to Naruto holding hands with him, walking with him…Thank you Kishimoto-sensei, we waited for this and you have finally delivered =D:

Naruto Chapter 615 - Unbreakable Bonds

Naruto Chapter 615 - Hinata and Naruto


Even Kurama seemed delighted to see Naruto finally acknowledging Hinata’s feelings for him. It was cool how Kurama didn’t beat around the bush and went straight to the heart of the matter helping Naruto realise what he should be doing.

Obito, so he WAS waiting for Naruto’s answer…since Obito was once like Naruto, full of hope and dreams, I wonder if some kind of conflict is raging on within Obito between his beliefs and current desires. Obito was convinced to believe the current “truths” he is driven by rather then purely arriving it, so in all likelihood his attachment to those “truths” is only one of escape due to his inability to accept the reality which he has not even come to understand yet. Now Obito has suffered, and that suffering has deformed his perceptions of the world to the point of where he wants to see it all end, but within all that hatred and darkness he has become engulfed by, you can’t help but feel that there is a small part of Obito, the younger Obito, which is still desperately trying to return back to his friends and have things the way they used to be…and because of this feeling, I am real curious to see how Obito is going to react to the newly resolved Naruto with Hinata by his side.

Bee as always was a boss, love how he took the opportunity to get a hit in the Juubi even though he suffered some damage as well, but as he said, that’s his style of ‘layin’ the smack down’.

Naruto Chapter 615 - Naruto and Hinata

GOLD HAIR! But I wonder if his eyes have gone green =P

And mmmmm delicious final panel, it looks like Naruto finally went Super SaiyanShinobi and is about to unleash all  its goodness onto the Juubi, can’t wait for the next chapter!

One thought on “Naruto Chapter 615 – Hinata’s Nindou

  1. I’ve been waiting so long or Naruto to notice Hinata..but I’m glad they finally did! Can’t wait to see this next chapter!

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