Naruto Chaper 597-614 – Reality Seen Through Eyes

Naruto Chapter 604 - Uchiha Obito

The life extinguished from the light into the shadows

Directional and overlooking, the limitation of understanding deludes judgement into a state of rigidity and presumptuousness. “Reality” grasped through individuals formulates itself through subjective experiences and restrictive outlooks encompassing the “life” central to the “present” experienced by each individual. When “reality” beckons and “existence” crumbles, assumptive eyes rush past reason straight to reaction ultimately painting understanding devoid of acceptance and openness.

And this I believe was the case with Tobi, or should I now say Obito…

I’m not shocked to see Obito alive because there were possibilities before the revelation that Obito could still be alive but what I am shocked by is the fact that Obito is in fact Tobi, THE TOBI from Akatsuki. Now people have been guessing Tobi was Obito ever since it was shown Tobi only revealed one eye through his mask but over time that theory became so unlikely and unlikable as Tobi became more “evil” and contrasting then the Obito known in the past. Obito was one of the legendary characters in Naruto who stood out like a pillar of light in the hatred infused times of the Shinobi. Obito along with Itachi represented that change was possible even for the hatred-driven Uchiha clan who continually knock themselves back into realms of selfishness and foolishness. Obito’s unyielding belief in “anything is possible” backed by his tenacious gutsy attitude shone brightly through the story of Naruto since his first introduction making him one of the favourite characters for the fans. Obito helped shaped Kakashi into the shinobi he is today and indirectly helped shape the main character Naruto into the complete badass he is. The revelation about Tobi being Obito in my opinion took a step backwards, well several steps to be exact, it diminished our memories of who Obito was and after reading the backstory of what happened to Obito, diminished our view of who Tobi was, from the main antagonist to a now brainwashed fool being used by an even bigger fool completely lost in the bitterness possessing him (Madara).

Tobi was cool before because he seemed to be running the show from a very enigmatic front which only added to his coolness, but ever since the backstory about Obito and Madara, Tobi’s character degraded so quickly into one of a lackey and a copy-cat; his entire dialog with Nagato and the Akatsuki were just mirrored off the real Madara and this erases much of the substance Tobi’s character had built up in the past years of Naruto. I just can’t take what Obito said as Tobi seriously now because it wasn’t even him driving the show, it was Madara, Obito was just following Madara clinging on some desperate hope that he’ll regain some lost happiness from the past =/.

Naruto Chapter 604 - Kakashi, Obito and Rin

Fates cross and reality pierces

After reading how Obito’s point of view took a complete 180, I did to a certain extent understand why his beliefs may have taken a massive hit but after Obito saw Kakashi pierce Rin with Raikiri and kill her, and then lose control, why did he not seek answers from Kakashi as to ‘why’ later on (Kakashi and Obito’s Mangekyo Sharingan activated upon the death of Rin while tragic was very cool)? Kakashi was at the very least someone Obito respected and looked up to greatly, so why did he not give Kakashi the benefit of the doubt and inquire about the exact circumstances surrounding Kakashi’s actions? Was Rin a special shinobi with some special jutsu which the enemy countries sought, like Kushina (although in Kushina’s case she was the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki)? Or was some forbidden jutsu sealed inside Rin? Did Rin belong to some exalted clan? Was Rin a Senju shinobi? Did Rin have a Kekkei Genkai? There are so many questions left to ask before jumping the ship and completing losing oneself in the pits of darkness and negativity. Since the reasons behind Kakashi’s actions haven’t been covered yet, I am really looking forward to finding out just what exactly happened.

With the way Obito has been handled these past few chapters, I’m getting the Sasuke vibe all over again…react now ask question years later when the time is ‘almost too late’…Sasuke could have sought answers from Itachi rather than blindly hunt him down and again after he found out about Itachi’s exact mission, Sasuke could have sought to find out why Itachi did what he did rather than blindly decide to slaughter all of Konoha. Well at least Sasuke is on the right track now and I’m very curious to find out what he has been doing and what he is going to do. Anyway back to Obito, I just hope there is more substance to his past then what is currently revealed because his whole 180 shift after seeing Rin die is not believable at all and I have to continually repeat in my head that “this is what happened to Rin” and “this is how Obito reacted” in order for me to move on. I just don’t believe that there was enough shown to force Obito to shift views from ‘protecting his friends and teammates’ to ‘I don’t care about this world anymore’ …are the Uchiha really THAT vulnerable to negativity and “darkness”?

Naruto Chapter 611 - The Shinobi Alliance no Jutsu

Oh yes please!! I love this scene, its so incredibly badass

The Juubi huh, so it appeared, nice! And hahah whoa, how are the Shinobi Alliance going to actually combat the Juubi especially when it has been hinted by Madara that the Juubi has other forms to transform into, presumably more powerful than the last =/. Shinobi Alliance are working amazingly together, but they are up against a power completely out of their league, although Shikaku had a plan ready to combat the Juubi before he was apparently blown up =(. So many casualties and Neji…the genius freed from the shackles of fate and destiny flying free towards protecting the two lives most precious to him. I expected people to die but I am shocked, that was so sudden and so sad =(.  It’s awesome that Hinata is back in the focus and now protecting Naruto, but to see her ‘brother’ die in front of her…and will Naruto finally get it, will he finally realise just how much he means to Hinata? I’m sure he got it back when Nagato invaded Konoha but now I’m certain he got it!

Naruto Chapter 614 - Neji's act of freedom

Freedom to choose his own death, a death used to save two precious lives…

Also when Obito revealed to Madara that Madara needed him for the Gedou: Rinne Tensei no Jutsu, I can’t help but think that Obito is going to pull a Nagato and after this battle with Naruto/Sasuke/Kakashi, he is going to realise the error of his past perceptions and use the jutsu to revive all the fallen shinobi thereby sacrificing himself in an attempt to make up for the massive pain and sufferings he has caused. I can foresee Obito returning back to his former self again, but I’m curious to see if Kishimoto-sensei will follow that path or take a completely different one. Also wondering if Sasuke will end up having anything to do in this current battle.

Naruto Chapter 601 - The Five Kages

Tsunade is so awesome

The Kages, wow they got stomped, badly. But Tsunade, wow oh wow, after seeing this panel I don’t think anyone ever again can say or even whisper that Tsunade is not badass, just look at it! She’s torn in two and yet she is dealing with the other Kages first, seriously I am in shock, awe and excitement, I knew Tsunade was badass, but she’s even more so then I thought =D. Looking forward with a ton of anticipation to her and the rest of the Kages future reintroduction into the war.

Loving how Naruto is handling this battle, can’t wait to see him unleash, whiping out a bit of Sage of the Six Paths and disprove the negativities completely blinding Obito and Madara from the “reality” they both fail to see and even accept (will Sasuke change this Uchiha trend? I hope…).

Thanks for reading.

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