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Bleach Chapter 503-521 – Ashes Carried Across The Winds

Shigekuni Yamamoto - The Guardian of Hell - by Zanpakuto-Leader (http://zanpakuto-leader.deviantart.com)

Shigekuni Yamamoto – The Guardian of Hell – colour by Zanpakuto-Leader (http://zanpakuto-leader.deviantart.com)

Remnants of a flame, remnants of a soul, remnants of the past and remnants of an existence central to the society encasing the “present”; a flame burning brightly in times of uncertainty and conflict blows out and in its wake frustration and fear remain. The legend known as Shigekuni Yamamoto comes to an end but the war ongoing for a thousand years carries on into the next generation hungry for “justice” and “life”.

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