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Bleach Chapter 522 – It Flows Like This

Hahah wow, I was not expecting Nimaiya Ouetsu to be so charismatic, hilarious and awesome, what a pleasant surprise. I was expecting him to be serious, somewhat bland and underwhelmingly charismatic, but his introduction this chapter changed that perspective completely, … Continue reading

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One Piece Chapter 677-693 – Prelude To The New Age

Indiscriminate to ages, the existence of time ticks by ever spectating the beginning and end of eras central to life. Like raging waves dissipating into non-existence, the end of one era sees the beginning of a new one raging behind … Continue reading

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Naruto Chaper 597-614 – Reality Seen Through Eyes

Directional and overlooking, the limitation of understanding deludes judgement into a state of rigidity and presumptuousness. “Reality” grasped through individuals formulates itself through subjective experiences and restrictive outlooks encompassing the “life” central to the “present” experienced by each individual. When … Continue reading

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Bleach Chapter 503-521 – Ashes Carried Across The Winds

Remnants of a flame, remnants of a soul, remnants of the past and remnants of an existence central to the society encasing the “present”; a flame burning brightly in times of uncertainty and conflict blows out and in its wake … Continue reading

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