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Guild Wars 2 – Across The World Of Tyria

Guild Wars 2 - Syphin across the World of Tyria part 1.

And so the journey into the unknown and the start of a fantastically epic adventure begins…

I bought Guild Wars 2 over two weeks ago and have been playing a human Warrior and while Guild Wars 2 had been initial confusing, its gotten seriously addicting this past week. I never played Guild Wars 1 before and I knew nothing about Guild Wars 2 before buying it beyond there being a war and guilds. The reason I actually purchased myself a copy was because the guild I’m in (more like a community) became really active in Guild Wars 2 when the betas were ongoing (Twelve Guild Wars 2 introduction), so deciding to join in playing the game was quite easy – it’s always fun to play games together =D.

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Total Recall (2012)

Total Recall (2012) - Poster 1

When memories become as malleable as a rubber band, just how is “identity” defined?

Total Recall (2012) may not be original, humorous or entirely engaging for those comparing it to the 1990 film with the same name, but I actually found it was a very well rounded film which kept me enthralled and completely transfixed for the two hours which I spent watching it. It was an immensely entertaining film for me, one which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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