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Fairy Tail Chapter 294 – Sabertooth vs Fairy Tail

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Fairy Tail Chapter 194 - Colour Spread

What a great colour spread, love having the main players of Fairy Tail in these Grand Magic Games highlighted here =D

Well that was certainly enjoyable seeing Sting and Rogue get a beating by Gajeel and Natsu, even more so when all the higher level attacks they tried on Natsu and Gajeel were backhanded into ineffectiveness. The extra long chapter was amazing, so good having those extra pages to read, especially for this battle. Interesting end though, Dragon Force huh? Is it really THE Dragon Force we seen take down Jellal and Zero, or is some waterdowned version slightly more powerful than the Second Generation Dragon Force? Well will be interesting to see just how powerful Sting and Rogue’s Dragon Force is.

I had feeling the fight was progressing to enjoyably and smoothly, and just as I was about to delight in a Sabertooth thrashing, it turns out Sting and Rogue want some more…it’s a shame they are such masochist to beatings, but I don’t mind if it’s seeing Natsu and Gajeel beat down their “Dragon Force” forms and tear down that ridiculous notion of them being the strongest Dragon Slayers. If Sting and Rogue have to rely on Dragon Force forms to take down a Natsu and Gajeel in base form, they certainly are in for it when Natsu and Gajeel really get serious and push themselves. Well it will all depend on how powerful Sting and Rogue’s Dragon Force forms are…will be interesting to see next chapter.

Some promise between Sting and Lector is highlighted, I wonder what that is all about, but by the title of the next chapter – “Sting and Lector”, we will probably find that out. Also from the commentary on the last page, it seems like Mavis will be involved in all of this somehow, I wonder how =/. Mavis certainly does have experience with Dragon Force for her to recognise it, so will be getting some back-story on her or on some Dragons/Dragon Slayers she met or knew?

Fairy Chapter Tail 294 - Mavis Vermilion - colour by s-k-y-c-h-o-r-d (http://s-k-y-c-h-o-r-d.deviantart.com)

Mavis Vermilion, just what do you know about Dragon Force? – colour by s-k-y-c-h-o-r-d (http://s-k-y-c-h-o-r-d.deviantart.com)

Hopefully we get more shocked faces from the spectators and other guilds as Natsu and Gajeel unleash on the so-called “strongest guild” in Fiore next chapter. I certainly will enjoy a development like that thoroughly. But it could all go wrong and Natsu and Gajeel could be comprehensively beaten with Sting and Rogue in their Dragon Force forms, but I wonder if that will really happen. The moment has been set-up for Natsu and Gajeel to shine, especially after the sadistic side Sabertooth showed in the previous event with their treatment of Lucy (as you can tell, I’m still fired-up!). Going to be riveting to see whether Natsu and Gajeel can overcome Sting and Rogue’s final form and how they go about doing it.  C’mon Natsu and Gajeel, show they what REAL Dragon Slayers are like!

Enjoyed this weeks chapter tremendously, especially with it being extra long and having colour pages. Looking forward to next weeks chapter and it’s colour pages – I love the colour spread’s Mashima-sensei does =D.

Also I just noticed a mistake about my previous Fairy Tail post, I titled it chapter 294 when it should have been chapter 293 and embarrassingly, I only noticed it when I started reading chapter 294 today =P. I do apologise about that confusion, sorry.

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