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Fairy Tail Chapter 294 – Sabertooth vs Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Chapter 194 - Colour Spread

What a great colour spread, love having the main players of Fairy Tail in these Grand Magic Games highlighted here =D

Well that was certainly enjoyable seeing Sting and Rogue get a beating by Gajeel and Natsu, even more so when all the higher level attacks they tried on Natsu and Gajeel were backhanded into ineffectiveness. The extra long chapter was amazing, so good having those extra pages to read, especially for this battle. Interesting end though, Dragon Force huh? Is it really THE Dragon Force we seen take down Jellal and Zero, or is some waterdowned version slightly more powerful than the Second Generation Dragon Force? Well will be interesting to see just how powerful Sting and Rogue’s Dragon Force is.

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