One Piece Chapter 676 – The Mystery Of The Devil Fruit

One Piece Chapter 676 - Colour Spread

Flying teacups? How bizarre and amusing, awesome colour spread

How unexpected, that Devil Fruit apple appearing did confuse me initially, but it really is the Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl Devil Fruit right? It is obvious that with Caesar Clown once being an assistant to Doctor Vegapunk, he has intimate knowledge about the Devil Fruits, so him having knowledge about how Devil Fruits are “reborn” is expected. Still Smiley dying and having his Devil Fruit ability attach itself to a nearby apple is surprising and weird =/.

I wonder if this means that Devil Fruit’s rebirth into the nearest fruit-specific fruit or was it the candy that Smiley ate which caused the Devil Fruit power to attach itself to the apple? If it’s the former, then that is really interesting, because if you have the Devil Fruit specific fruit with you and are nearest to a Devil Fruit user when they die, then the Devil Fruit ability which they held will transfer over to the fruit you are holding.

One Piece Chapter 676 - Caesar Clown Creation - by Lord-Nadjib (

Caesar Clown Creation, the reborn Devil Fruit? – by Lord-Nadjib (

Excited we are getting some more information about the Devil Fruits, even if it is only hinted at. Would be awesome if the dragon Zoro and Co. are chasing ends up stealing the apple Caesar Clown prepared =P. Would be even better if the dragon gets attached to the Strawhat crew =).

I’m curious to learn why Caesar Clown was hired by the World Government in the first place, he is downright crazy…sure he is a genius, no doubt about that, but he is crazy! Creating a poison that kills living things wasn’t enough for him, he wanted a poison that completely decimates any living thing.

The owner of the note that Chopper received, I’m pretty sure it’s Monet. It does seem like Monet is working with Law in whatever he planned at the moment. Caesar Clown was surprised that Law didn’t realise that Monet was tailing him when he went outside, but it would make more sense that someone as shrewd as Law only missed that because he and Monet are working together and they are putting on an act, making both Vergo and Caesar Clown believe they are the ones in charge. Law was in Doflamingo’s crew, so he could potentially know Monet from there. Monet is the only person present in the room which we don’t see in the scene/panel and she is seen frequently with a book and pen. Looking forward to seeing who the owner of the note actually is.

And just what is Law planning, did he actually plan to be captured? Curious to see how they will escape the poison gas and save everybody stuck outside – could Luffy be immune to that poison as well?

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