Naruto Chapter 596 – The Copy Ninja Kakashi

Naruto Chapter 596 - Kakashi - colour by IITheYahikoDarkII (

Kakashi means business! – colour by IITheYahikoDarkII (

So a crack did appear on Tobi’s mask! A shame I missed that on my initial read of the previous chapter but I did pick up on it when I re-read the chapter. Had a feeling it was Kakashi’s chakra-infused kunai that caused the crack rather than Naruto’s attack but wow, how awesome was it that Kakashi was able to analyse such a development so thoroughly and come up with a theory that proved effective against Tobi. Had a feeling that Kakashi’s Kamui and Tobi’s space-time migration jutsu were connected, so excited to see what’s going to happen now.

With the first hit landing, Naruto and Co.’s counterattack is underway. Awesome how Kakashi used Kamui on Naruto’s Rasengan which resulted in it hitting Tobi when he was still in an intangible form. My take on what happened is that when Tobi activates his Space–Time Migration jutsu, his real body is phased into a “second dimension” allowing him to become intangible and avoid attacks in the first dimension, but with Kakashi activating Kamui which I believe can (and seems to) access the second dimension, he is able to cast it on possible attacks that would have otherwise missed Tobi and send them to the second dimension effectively enabling them to hit/land on Tobi – hence the Rasengan landing on Tobi when he passed through Naruto and ended up with his back to it when it finished being sucked up by Kamui.

Very excited about this development because I just can’t get over the similarities between Kakashi and Tobi’s Sharingan which can both use space-time ninjutsus. And it’s just downright amazing to see Kakashi focused on more, especially in the way he is now. When everything seems hopeless, leave it to Kakashi-sensei to come through and find a way to make the seemingly impossible possible! You are awesome Kakashi-sensei!

I was initially confused about what Kakashi meant about Tobi only having one jutsu rather than two, but I believe I understand it now. Tobi was using his Time-Space Migration jutsu to both take in objects and people to the “second dimension”, and to teleport himself freely through dimensions. It’s already something we knew from previous chapters, but it’s confirmed now. So if Tobi wants to take in an object, he can’t become intangible and if he becomes intangible, he can’t take in objects or people. Now the question is, will Kakashi figure out the other weakness of Tobi’s jutsu – that he can only remain intangible for approximately five minutes at a time and must be tangible in order to transport himself. This is going to be a good fight if Kakashi continues to analyse Tobi the way he has been doing.

Naruto Chapter 596 - Naruto vs Tobi - colour by IITheYahikoDarkII (

Naruto vs Tobi – colour by IITheYahikoDarkII (

Also if my theory about Tobi having Obito’s other eye (right eye) is correct, then if Obito were still alive today and awakened his Sharingan fully, he would be such a powerful shinobi. It seems his left Sharingan eye which Kakashi has is able to access the “second dimension” from range, and his right Sharingan eye which I assume Tobi has is able to access the “second dimension” freely, but with the requirement of having physical contact with whatever is sought to be taken in. The left Sharingan eye would cover the right Sharingan eyes weakness (range) and the right Sharingan eye would cover the left Sharingan eyes weakness (freedom), so with the two Sharingan eyes together, Obito would have made one awesome shinobi if he were still alive (assuming he did actually end up dying previously).

Wonder how the battle is going to change now…Kakashi can send attacks to the “second dimension”, but Tobi has the ability to move things freely through the “first dimension” and “second dimension”. Will Tobi finally be pushed onto the back foot now or will something dramatic come and twist the plot up again? Very much looking forward to the coming chapters of Naruto, especially the next one which seems to hint at a Kakashi-focused colour page (“white-hot cover colour page”).

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