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BTOOOM! (Manga)

A survival action thriller story similar to Gantz (minus the horror) where participants are placed in a “game” where they are required to accomplish a certain objective before they are allowed to leave. The restriction here unlike Gantz where the … Continue reading

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Dark Air (Manhwa)

A world filled with magic suddenly thrust into one without magic; an interesting setting to start the story off on. It’s obvious there is something that happened before all the magic ie “Blue Air”, in the world disappeared and the … Continue reading

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Fairy Tail Chapter 294 – Sabertooth vs Fairy Tail

Well that was certainly enjoyable seeing Sting and Rogue get a beating by Gajeel and Natsu, even more so when all the higher level attacks they tried on Natsu and Gajeel were backhanded into ineffectiveness. The extra long chapter was … Continue reading

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One Piece Chapter 676 – The Mystery Of The Devil Fruit

How unexpected, that Devil Fruit apple appearing did confuse me initially, but it really is the Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl Devil Fruit right? It is obvious that with Caesar Clown once being an assistant to Doctor Vegapunk, he … Continue reading

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Naruto Chapter 596 – The Copy Ninja Kakashi

So a crack did appear on Tobi’s mask! A shame I missed that on my initial read of the previous chapter but I did pick up on it when I re-read the chapter. Had a feeling it was Kakashi’s chakra-infused … Continue reading

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