One Piece – Monet The Harpy

One Piece - Monet - drawn_by Space Person - colour by PhoenixRoy (

Monet the Harpy – colour by PhoenixRoy

I was just re-thinking possible theories of Monet being a Devil Fruit user and I started to wonder, couldn’t Monet be a Logia Devil Fruit user? The Yuki Yuki no Mi? She could be disguised as the snow falling on the frozen part of Punk Hazard when she listened in on what Law and Luffy were discussing. Monet is potentially a “snow-woman” (“Yuki-Onna”).

I find it weird that during her first appearance when Usopp noticed her, she was in her normal harpy form, so if it were possible for her to “transform” into something convenient for reconnaissance, wouldn’t she scout in that form? It would make sense if she was a Snow Logia user and being on the burning side of Punk Hazard would make utilising her ability ineffective and it would explain that grim, almost stressed expression she had on her face when Usopp seen her – she couldn’t stand the heat?

One Piece Chapter 657 - The Harpy Monet

Monet looks strangely uncomfortable in the heat…

Also isn’t it weird that other characters freeze in the freezing winds on the frozen side of Punk Hazard and require coats to stay warm, but when Monet was flying on that side of the Island in the freezing winds, she seemed strangely unaffected, almost comfortable =/.

It could really be a non-factor but for being on the half of the Island that is freezing, Monet is wearing some surprisingly summer clothes, both when she was in her human form and now in her harpy form. Even if she is a harpy and has feathers to keep herself warm, she would like Chopper require a coat to keep warm, that is unless she is not just a hybrid creature/animal.

If we use Smoker (a Logia Devil Fruit user) as reference, when he was in his own body and now when he is in Tashigi’s body, he is barely wearing anything substantial and is seemingly unaffected by the freezing colds which even the Yeti Cool brothers had trouble standing in (Smoker like a boss, smokes a cigar with Tashigi’s shirt open rather than feel the cold). Luffy and the others are actually freezing and require coats. Normally everyone needs a coat to survive the cold on the freezing half of the Island, but it doesn’t seem Logia Devil Fruit users do, so it’s quite likely that Monet is a Logia Devil Fruit user. Even if Monet was a Zoan Devil Fruit user, she would still need a coat as shown by Chopper requiring a coat to stay warm (and he is a winter animal!), well unless her Zoan Devil Fruit ability is focused toward the cold – Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit like Marco (a “Yuki-Onna” one?), or she has a form with lots of feathers. Also with all the non-Logia users, you can see their breath at times on the freezing side of the Island. You can even see Brook’s breath strangely enough – so he does breathe? even without lungs?

Just like how Crocodile and Ace were unaffected by desert heat Alabasta Arc, if Monet is a “snow-woman”, she would be unaffected by extreme colds. Not once has she been seen to be affected by the cold in ways other people are, although she has mostly only appeared while inside the research facility building, but even then, it is still bizarre and concerning that she wears such thin clothing all the time.

It could be to make reconnaissance easier or to look more like Doflamingo (she may have some feelings toward him) or to look more like a bird (personal taste?), but when Law appeared and the opportunity arose, she could have had him modify her with wings and to look more like a bird.

One Piece Chapter 657 - The Harpy Monet not cold?

Monet is not feeling cold? Flying in those winds should be unthinkable…

If Monet really is a Logia user, then Caesar Clown potentially does doubt her as well because he doesn’t strike me as someone who would trust anyone else (unless it’s himself), and by having Law take her heart as consideration for the contract he and Law formed, he is practically hitting two birds with one stone – having both a way to manipulate Law and preventing Monet from betraying him.

If Monet really is a “snow-woman”, then lets look forward to a Foxfire Kinemon vs Monet match up – fire vs snow, I wonder how that will turn out =P.

Also since there was no snow present when Law got Chopper, Monet is likely unaware of Chopper being in the facility because if she was aware, wouldn’t she do something as she is already wary of the Strawhats and recognises their strength (she doubted the crews two-year old bounties expressed their present strength)?

Law most likely knew about Monet being a snow-woman, hence Caesar Clown commenting in chapter 675 to Law that “not even you noticed, eh?” which implies that Law didn’t think about Monet being amongst the snow falling on Luffy and him as they continued their conversation after taking out the Yeti Cool brothers. Curious to see what Law did with Monet’s heart, does he still have it?

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