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Fairy Tail Chapter 293 – The Approaching Dragons

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Fairy Tail Chapter 293 - Natsu and Gajeel - colour by EternaJehuty (http://eternajehuty.deviantart.com)

Tag-team battle; Fairy Tail vs Sabertooth; Natsu and Gajeel vs Sting and Rogue – colour by EternaJehuty (http://eternajehuty.deviantart.com)

I…*takes a deep breath in*…now that was truly unexpected, to think that Nichiya was the person behind the Rabbit costume. How anti-climatic, how disturbing, how hilarious, how utterly discordanting to the senses, but how fitting for Ichiya’s partner so much so that it ended up being an awesome development =P. While I was expecting something more impacting from the identity of the rabbit, I was stunned in a different way and Nichiya appearing really is still a great development; I was wondering where the Exceed were now, seven years on from when we last seen them. Ichiya smoking Rocker and Bacchus (he sobered up too much from the shock of seeing Nichiya…) was awesome, no wonder Erza sees him at the strongest member on the Blue Pegasus team, but wow, how disturbing he can be…

Love how the chapter quickly dealt with the less interesting fights and arrived at the Fairy Tail vs Sabertooth match by the end of the chapter and what a match it will be; Natsu and Gajeel vs Sting and Rogue. Mashima-sensei really knows how to give fans what they want, because having the Dragon Slayers face off against each other here will most likely spawn the most entertainment and would you believe it, but the Dragons are also preparing to move, how exciting =D.

Kagura and Milliana vs Lyon and Yuka, so it ended in a draw, a shame we didn’t get to see more, but since the Fairy Tail vs Sabertooth battle was more important, nice to Mashima-sensei handle this battle quickly. Ah Kagura is really badass, the more we find out about her, the more we realise she is exceptionally strong. I guess the hatred she holds for Jaleel which she is driven by is a really deep one.

The appearance of the Dragons is quite surprising, especially since we barely had much information about them since the manga began (apart from the little bits of information we get each arc), but now with the Dragon King festival coming up will the Dragons become active again? Is this mystery Dragon at the end of the chapter talking about the Dragons which Sting and Rogue killed (if they really did kill the Dragons) – Vice Logia and Skyadrum.

Fairy Tail Chapter 293 - The Approaching Dragons

The Approaching Dragon King Festival

Was this festival created due to the Dragons being so bored with themselves being so powerful and superior over everything else that they sought a challenge and focused on demons and humans to provide one for them. Was the inactivity of the Dragons ordered because the Dragon King intended to give humans and demons time to raise their strength up towards the level of the Dragons? Or is this festival one where Dragons decide who the new Dragon King is with humans and demons as their “game” (kind of like hunting)? If so, then things really are going to become chaotic and apocalyptic. It would be surprising and interesting if a non-Dragon, say Natsu, Zeref, or some powerful demonic presence defeated the Dragons…

Gildarts had said seven years ago that there were no humans capable of defeating Acnologia, so I wonder if other Dragons are as powerful as him and whether there is anyone in the current era capable of fighting with a dragon – Kagura? Jaleel? Ultear?

The mere fact that the Dragons are awakening and becoming active again has me seriously excited, I really am looking forward to when the Dragons finally make their appearance in the present and reveal to us just what this Dragon King festival is (unless some human reveals it before them, but even then, I will be ecstatic when the Dragons appear).

I am curious to see what happens in the coming battle and how the match-ups are going to be for the last battle round, the 5 vs 5 match. If anyone gets injured in the current match, I wonder who the replacement for Fairy Tail will be – Jaleel? Looking forward to the coming chapters, things really are becoming exciting and intense now =).

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