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Fairy Tail Chapter 293 – The Approaching Dragons

Fairy Tail Chapter 293 - Natsu and Gajeel - colour by EternaJehuty (http://eternajehuty.deviantart.com)

Tag-team battle; Fairy Tail vs Sabertooth; Natsu and Gajeel vs Sting and Rogue – colour by EternaJehuty (http://eternajehuty.deviantart.com)

I…*takes a deep breath in*…now that was truly unexpected, to think that Nichiya was the person behind the Rabbit costume. How anti-climatic, how disturbing, how hilarious, how utterly discordanting to the senses, but how fitting for Ichiya’s partner so much so that it ended up being an awesome development =P. While I was expecting something more impacting from the identity of the rabbit, I was stunned in a different way and Nichiya appearing really is still a great development; I was wondering where the Exceed were now, seven years on from when we last seen them. Ichiya smoking Rocker and Bacchus (he sobered up too much from the shock of seeing Nichiya…) was awesome, no wonder Erza sees him at the strongest member on the Blue Pegasus team, but wow, how disturbing he can be…

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