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One Piece Chapter 675 – The “Heart” Of The Matter

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One Piece Chapter 675 - The Consideration

Makes you wonder about the “damages” for a breach of contract…

Interesting, so Law actually did something like that, how surprising, to give his own heart up as consideration for the contract he formed with Caesar Clown. And Caesar Clown didn’t even offer up his own heart as consideration but that of his secretary, Monet’s heart. Makes you wonder just what this “important key” is that Law is after if he is seeking it so badly he literally laid down his life for it. Caesar Clown is not the most charming person and he certainly isn’t someone you would want to trust that easily, so for Law to agree to such an absurd offer, the “important key” he is after must be something quite remarkable.

That seemingly retarded deal which Law agreed to with Caesar Clown really does make what he is after that much more interesting, especially if he literally let someone else hold his life in their hands. He must have known that Caesar Clown wouldn’t not use it against him, so either this sleeping key on Punk Hazard is something extremely special which can actually throw the New World into chaos, or Law is playing us all and has something bigger planned then what is currently perceivable.

Monet is an interesting character, it appears she is a Devil Fruit user with the ability to transform – something like the Tori Tori no Mi:, Model: Harpy. Though it has not been confirmed as of yet if Monet is actually a Devil Fruit user, she may well be like some of the other inhabitants of Punk Hazard and had her body modified by Law’s ability. It is possible that Monet had a Devil Fruit ability in the flashbacks and was just in her normal human form and now in the present is in her hybrid form, or Monet could have consumed a Devil Fruit during the time Law came to Island and now. Hopefully Monet is a Devil Fruit user because having one of the rare flying type Zoan Devil Fruits is quite awesome and Monet is shaping up to be an awesome character.

One Piece Chapter 675 - Heart-breaker

What a heart-breaker =P

Also I wonder what Law is going to do with Monet’s heart, or has he already done something with it? It’s strange that just as Caesar Clown started squeezing “Smoker’s heart”, Monet interrupted him. It’s like she reacted to the heart being squeezed and interrupted Caesar Clown at that point to stop him from continuing to squeeze the heart, almost like she was the one feeling pain…it can’t be can it? Did Law really give Caesar Clown Monet’s heart telling him it was in fact Smoker’s heart? It does seem like the case, especially when you think about why Law would freely gift Caesar Clown the heart of Smoker for nothing in return when he does not even trust Caesar Clown. Sure Caesar Clown would like Law more if he was given Smoker’s heart, but Law already knows Caesar Clown is a twisted man and isn’t one to trust. Law is someone who follows a plan, so him giving Caesar Clown “Smoker’s heart” shouldn’t be as baseless as initially portrayed.

If the heart Caesar Clown has is in fact Monet’s heart, then the reason for her not speaking out and letting Caesar Clown know is because once he knows he would still end up keeping Monet’s heart under the rationale that she is his loyal assistant and has nothing to be concerned of if she is in fact loyal to him. This would pretty much put Monet in a delicate and complicated situation where her role as one of Doflamingo’s subordinates would be put in jeopardy ie. a choice between her life and her mission for Doflamingo. If Caesar Clown is under the impression that he has Smoker’s heart, he can’t abuse Monet’s “loyalty”. Well this only matters if Monet’s heart is the one Caesar Clown has in his hands…

Vergo, so now we know the reason for why he was able to take out Law so easily…and here I was thinking that Vergo was some super powerful badass whose presence alone made Law fall to the ground. Vergo may still be powerful but I doubt he’ll be as powerful as the impression I got from him the first time I seen him. Still I wonder what this hamburger loving man is going to do next, especially since it’s been revealed that he is quite borderline mentally challenged at times.

One Piece Chapter 675 - Dragon

I’m surprised that meat isn’t frozen solid O.o

That dragon, it sure enjoys its meat, will we see it run toward the smell of meat possibly coming from Luffy’s jacket pocket? That would be amusing, but since the dragon seems relatively important we will most likely get to see more of it soon.

Mocha regaining her senses and fighting the effects of her withdrawal was awesome, I was hoping some of the children would be able to do this =D. Curious to see what will happen to her and the rest of the children now; will Doctor Chopper come to their aid? Or will the children go berserk on the CC employees? Hopefully Nami is able to drag herself and Usopp to the facility and help save these kids.

One Piece Chapter 675 - Smiley

I’m must be losing it, because I actually thought Smiley looked cute here, /lick

Smiley has me so intrigued, just what purpose does it have and what is about to take place which has several Underworld Brokers glued to their Visual Den Den Mushi video screens? I get it has something to do with poison which has the capability of destroying an Island, and that the “bait” strengthens the poison, but what exactly does Caesar Clown plan to market/advertise? Smiley itself? From the way Caesar Clown said it, it seems like he is marketing the Island itself – Shi-No-Kuni (Land of Death). It’s quite possible that Caesar Clown is utilising Smiley to create a whole new powerful poison which will end up spreading over the Island which he will later manipulate into some form of gas weapons…so effectively he could be marketing the poison created from the reaction about to take place in Smiley. Such a perplexing development, I don’t quite fully understand what exactly is going on here =/. Still amusing how Smiley is totally ignoring Caesar Clown and engrossing himself fully in the “bait” (what is this “bait” anyway?).

Also something else of interest to note this chapter is the cover story about “Caribou’s Keheeheeheehee in the New World“. Guess he didn’t learn from the ample beatings he received in Fishman Island before, but he’s at it again capturing Mermaids…I really do get the feeling that he’s in for another dose of disappointed soon…and most likely Jinbe is the one whose going to prescribe it for him…anyway curious to see how popular strawhats (aka “hero hats”) have become amongst the children of Fishman Island =D.

Enjoyed this chapter a lot and looking forward to the coming chapters of One Piece to see just how this arc ends up exploding into something even more ridiculous, glorious and creatively fun.

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