Naruto Chapter 595 – The Man Called Tobi

Naruto Chapter 595 Color Spread - Naruto and Tobi - colour by Kasukiii and Bl4ckBurn (

Naruto vs Tobi, the man known as “no one” – colour by Bl4ckBurn and Kasukiii

What an intense chapter, all the pages dedicated to Naruto, Kakashi, Guy and Hachibi attempting to catch Tobi off guard and expose an opening to counter him. Ultimately they weren’t able to hit Tobi let alone even touch him with all their attack plans but they were able to avoid Tobi absorbing Naruto so that’s counts for something. Still in this situation where they don’t understand Tobi’s ability, just how will they proceed? And what is up with Tobi anyway, I’m hungry for his back-story or some explanation behind this man shrouded in mystery who considers him self “no one”.

Very impressive that Tobi is able to defend against three amazing shinobi and still lauch attacks at Naruto attempting to capture him. Four vs one isn’t easy, so it’s quite a feat that Tobi is able to dance with some of the strongest shinobi in Naruto with such ease and confidence, especially when Guy was coming at him like a beast and with Kakashi trying to blind-side him. It’s strange though, a normal sharingan user will end up launching more jutsu heavy moves, but Tobi is just utilising his time-space ninjutsu and well, normal shinobi attacks. Why hasn’t Tobi performed jutsus like say Sasuke or Madara, because now that he has a Rinnegan as well as a Sharingan, he should be capable of performing them, well unless there is a reason Tobi can’t use such jutsus.

Guy, Kakashi, Bee, and Naruto still have plenty left to unleash, so the fight is nowhere near over, but the whole fight depends on them finding the moment where Tobi’s time-space ninjutsu weakness can be exploited, which doesn’t seem to be an easy moment to find, especially with Tobi constantly aware of guarding against counters during those moments. And speaking of Bee, where was he this chapter anyway? Is Kishimoto-sensei having him do something off-screen to help create the opening for Naruto? Well whatever the case, it’s going to be really good to see what Kishimoto-sensei comes up with.

Looking forward to seeing how this fight is going to evolve and whether it is going to move from a close combat fight to a more jutsu heavy one. Also curious to learn why Kakashi’s Kamui attack didn’t work on the Gedou Mazou which seemed to nullify the effect, although it seems Kakashi has an idea about why. Could the Gedou Mazou also perform time-space ninjutsu? Everything about Tobi is just shrouded in mystery! I have my theories about who he could be, but there is nothing substantial to go with at this point in time, guess I’ll have to wait until Kishimoto-sensei is ready to reveal his identity or give out hints.

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  1. hello! says:

    Bee is the eight-tails at the moment. That’s where bee “is”.

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