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Fairy Tail Chapter 292 – Team Fairy Tail

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Fairy Tail Chapter 292 - New Team - colour by GreenLimeHollow (http://greenlimehollow.deviantart.com)

United and fired up, Team Fairy Tail enters – colour by GreenLimeHollow (http://greenlimehollow.deviantart.com)

Hahah, I actually didn’t think about the issue of the odd number teams in the battle rounds. I was so engrossed and captivated by all that came before the Raven Tail disqualification that that thought failed to cross my mind =P. Still what an awesome chapter, I loved Fairy Tail’s attitude and readiness for the fight Sabertooth is attempting to bring – nice one Sabertooth, you’ve pissed off the wrong people…

I literally got shivers when I seen the panel of Erza staring down Minerva, and my goodness, her statement afterwards when the rest of the Sabertooth team (minus Rogue) showed up. Erza really is incredibly awesome and I can’t wait for her battle:

Fairy Tail Chapter 292 - Erza Scarlet angry

Team Sabertooth just opened Pandora’s Box…but rather then unleash evil, they’ve unleashed Fairy Tail…something far worse for them…

Rogue is an interesting character, he hasn’t shown a ruthless side to him like other Sabertooth members and his base character really does seem entirely different then the rest of the Sabertooth members – the fact that he actually cares about comrades and doesn’t take pleasure in the suffering of others. Why exactly is Rogue in Sabertooth, what is the past of Rogue and Sting and what exactly will Rogue do from here onwards?

Enjoyed the scene of Lucy asking for her keys and hugging them as she proceeded to fall off to sleep, I enjoyed it a lot. That really was a touching scene and embodied just why the celestial spirits love Lucy.  Still that uneasiness of the approaching tragedy really is becoming more apparent the closer “the fated day” draws near, ah Lucy, just what is going to happen with her? And what about Yukino?

The decision to combine the Fairy Tail A and B teams did shock me (for the reasons I stated above), but what an incredibly awesome development. It’s a shame Fairy Tail has to take on the points the team with the lower value had, but while one point could potentially be considered big (depends if a point decides the winner), the whole force of Fairy Tail is now concentrated in one insanely badass and elite team. It’s amusing and so fitting that Gajeel and Natsu have yet to express just how powerful “true” Dragon Slayers are, but I feel Mashima-sensei has been saving them up for something really really extremely special.

Fairy Tail Chapter 292 - Day 3 battle match-ups

Also looking forward to Mermaid Heel vs Lamia Scale – c’mon Kagura!!

The current battle match is a 2 vs 2,  a tag-team match, I wonder if Mashima-sensei intends to have Gajeel and Natsu face off against Sting and Rogue or does he have something else in mind – Gray and Laxus vs Rufus and Orga? Hmmmm and Erza, my goodness, I can’t wait for her to unleash. Nice how Mashima-sensei isn’t being secretive about the rivalries for the characters in Fairy Tail and Sabertooth, because they are obvious.

Interested to see how the other match-ups go as well. From the title of the next chapter – “The Perfume I give to you”, it sounds like Ichiya is going to participate and hopefully that bunny-suit character as well, I’m just dying to see what s/he has in store for us and just who they are. Will be interesting to see who Quatro Puppy (lol) puts up.

Mermaid Heel vs Lamia Scale, looking forward to this match-up as well, just who will participate in the tag-team battle, Millianna and Kagura? But those two already have been in battles before, so it could potentially be Risley and Beth. Risley has an interesting ability – the Gravity Change ability is really fascinating, I can’t help but think of Gravity Rush. Who will Lamia Scale put out as well? =/.

The day 5 battle where all 5 members in the team compete, wow, this tournament just gets better and better, I seriously can’t wait for when this happens – GO FAIRY TAIL!! Wonder if Squadron Chief Arcadios will have any hand in determining who meets who in the final day. If so I can foresee him matching up Fairy Tail and Sabertooth just so less focus is put on him and whatever plans he has in place. Also looking forward to the day five event and all the coming twists and surprises – what will you do Jellal?

Anyway, it’s on and Natsu along with the rest of the Fairy Tail team have no intention of holding back:

Fairy Tail Chapter 292 - Natsu fired up

Good going Team Sabertooth, goodluck against Natsu now…

This arc has become so exciting, thrilling and compelling to follow, thank you Mashima-sensei!

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