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Fairy Tail Chapter 277-291 – Shaking The World

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Fairy Tail Chapter 279 - colour spread

Like a wind forgotten by the world, they unleash themselves rocking it to its very core…

Strength through bonds, strength through will, strength through belief, possibility through impossibility; THIS IS FAIRY TAIL!! In the shadows of the past and in the darkness of memories forgotten, they rise up against the challenges of the present and reclaim wings once carrying them through skies of greatness. To answer their beliefs and to respond to their quaking souls; they reach out with all their might to grasp the “now” glimmering before them, shattering the perception of all eyes denying them in the process.

The amount of story and developments intersecting this arc have been so immense, there are so many layers of story surrounding the central story, it’s just been a pleasure and joy to read. I honestly cannot believe the level of complexity and depth to it, every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause, ah I am so grateful to be able to read such a phenomenal arc. Every development ends up leading to a bigger development and every big development ends up leading to an even bigger development, it’s been incredible to read and watch the story, mystery and action unravel.

My personal favourite moment was of course the one dealing with Erza in chapter 284, ah she is so unbelievably amazing amazing AMAZING!! What a complete badass in the day 3 “Pandemonium” event – I LOVE YOU ERZA!!! If I didn’t want to know what happened next, I probably would have fainted from over-excitement, it was that good and even better! Just wow, epic epic EPIC!!! The fairy dancing in the sky, blooming full of pride, awing every single eye enthralled by her, the Titania of Fairy Tail, ERZA SCARLET!! Ah thank you, THANK YOU Mashima-sensei, I love your writing and I love Fairy Tail =D!!! I really do love his writing, because it got even better with Cana and Laxus unleashing a fist-full of Fairy Tail awesomeness.

Fairy Tail Chapter 284 - page 13 Fairy Tail Chapter 284 - page 14 Fairy Tail Chapter 284 - page 15

Fairy Tail Chapter 284 - page 16-17

Fairy Tail Chapter 284 - page 18 Fairy Tail Chapter 284 - page 19 Fairy Tail Chapter 284 - page 20

Cana, oh yeah, I was hoping she would participate in the games and she is! And wow, she got to use FAIRY GLITTER again!!!!!!!! My smile must have been distorting my face big time by the time I got here because when she totally demolished the Magic Power Finder (MPF), I couldn’t stop it. Even now when thinking about it, I can’t help but smile and enter a euphoric state of bliss and excitement.

Laxus, oh goodness, I knew he was badass, but taking out Raven Tail all by himself, what a complete boss! What a great development having the odds stacked against him and overcoming them while barely breaking out in much of a sweat! And this follows what happened with Erza and Cana, geez, Fairy Tail, what an amazing and awe-inspiring guild.

Fairy Tail - Cana Alberona - by GreenLimeHollow (http://greenlimehollow.deviantart.com) Fairy Tail Chapter 286 - Laxus - by One67 (http://one67.deviantart.com)

[Artwork coloured by GreenLimeHollow and One67].

Should also not forget about the developments with Elfman defeating Bacchus, Natsu breaking into Sabertooth’s lodgings like a badass and Wendy drawing the battle with the Sky Magic “God Slayer” Chelia Blendy. I was quite shocked Elfman defeated Bacchus, I was not expecting that but that’s what makes it awesome, what a man! Up until the mention of that wager, I was gunning for Bacchus to win the battle, but once Bacchus made that wager, Elfman instantly gained my full support!!! And like a man he came through when it counted!! Natsu breaking into the Sabertooth’s lodgings and challenging the guild master Jiemma was badass, especially when Natsu rolled on equal level with him, ah a shame the battle was interrupted but now at least Sabertooth knows to watch out for the fired-up Natsu Dragneel! Chelia did surprise, especially when she pulled out “God Slayer” magic, I guess that Lost Magic still has its place in Fairy Tail, even if Natsu already proved that it’s not in any way superior to Dragon Slayer Magic =D. Awesome that Wendy was able to go against her on equal footing even if Wendy’s main abilties are more focused towards support magic.

Kagura Mikazuchi, wow, she is awesome, was not expecting her to be so powerful and relevant. Her back-story involving Jellal is interesting, just what happened in her past to make her despise Jellal so much that he is the one enemy, the only person she will draw her blade, “Archenemy” against – got to admit, her Undrawn Long Sword Style is badass. I can imagine that the Jellal of the past made a lot of people hate him, but just what exactly happened? Milliana being in the same boat as Kagura, also seeking revenge against Jellal really does add tension to the Erza and Jellal relationship which has been developing so nicely recently. Just what will Erza do when Kagura and Milliana confront Jellal? Erza knows how Jellal changed, can she convince Kagura and Milliana to give up on revenge or will she become their enemy as well? And just what sort of “cataclysm” will be unleashed when Kagura unsheathes her sword?

Fairy Tail Chapter 280 - Kagura Mikazuchi

The shadow in the water, the beauty in the deep; Kagura Mikazuchi

There are so many developments going on this arc, it may be difficult and hard to fully realise them all together at this point, but man is it exciting, thrilling, compelling, gripping and fun. What will happen with that Forbidden Gate which requires the 12 Celestial Zodiac Spirits, just what purpose was it built for? What does it do? What is going to happen with Lucy? What about Yukino who we last seen in some totally weird situation – why did she go to see Arcadios? Did he request to see her? Along with Lucy, I really am concerned for Yukino, because Arcadios really does intend to sacrifice them for Zeref’s plan, whatever it is.

Raven Tail, I doubt we’ll learn more about Lumen Histoire this arc, but will Raven Tail make more movements this arc? Their capture really was too easy, I really don’t think Iwan is the type to stay quiet in a cell, especially when that demon-like creature which Obra carries is still lurking around (such a mysterious character Obra). When the chaos of Carla’s visions becomes reality, will Raven Tail use that opportunity to escape or pull something or do they have plans to act before then?

What about Kagura, now that she knows Jellal is in Crocus, and that he is in Fairy Tail, when will she make her move, because we know she will? Will the Edolas argument fly with her? What will Fairy Tail do, and more importantly, what will Erza do?

Mato, the pumpkin mascot referee, something really is off about him and I’m not talking about his changing appearances, he just seems incredibly suspicious and dangerous. Why exactly was he away on the second day of the Grand Magic Games? It was stated he had his day off, but something just seems wrong about that…could he be the source of the strange magical presence which Jellal, Ultear and Meredy are after? Whatever it is, Mato really does catch my attention in some strange way…

That mysterious member in Blue Pegasus, just who is in that bunny suit?

Fairy Tail Chapter 291 - Lucy defeated

Lucy defeated, and cruelly tortured by Sabertooth’s Minerva

Well the fourth day has begun and Minerva has just unleashed her cruelty on Lucy who endured all for the sake of her Guild and for her resolve. It’s sad that Lucy has to endure such pain when we, the reader’s, are already aware that she has something in store for her in 3 more days time, on the fated 7th of July. Just what is so special about that date and how will the world change? Will Dragons reveal themselves once again? Also what is up with the decline of Celestial Spirit Mages over the last few years (as Yukino mentions), are the current plans in Crocus being driven by the legend that “the gateway that changes the world will open once all 12 Ecliptic Zodiacs Keys are gathered”? And while this may not be entirely important in this arc, what is up with the Thirteenth Zodiac Key (this did shock and excite me)?

I hope Lucy is fine, and what will Minerva do with the Celestial Spirit Keys she had taken from Lucy? Hopefully nothing like what Kurohebi did with Toby’s sock =P. But this treated by Minerva towards Lucy and Sabertooth’s enjoyment of it really has set Natsu’s fire ablaze, it really would be an understatement for Natsu to just be “fired-up”, he is beyond that, and so are the rest of Fairy Tail. I feel sorry for the Sabertooth members now if they end facing off against a Fairy Tail member, especially if that member they are up against is Natsu, because he won’t hold back voicing his emotions through his fist. Also very very very much looking forward to Erza’s battle when it arrives, especially after what had taken place in the “Pandemonium” event – I have chills just thinking about it. Loving this arc, looking forward to the coming chapters a lot!

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