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One Piece Chapter 661-674 – Pieces Of The Puzzle

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One Piece - Punk Hazard - by DEIVISCC (http://deiviscc.deviantart.com)

The Players of Punk Hazard – by DEIVISCC (http://deiviscc.deviantart.com)

Wow…so now that the majority of the pieces have been revealed and assembled, we finally get to see just what the final picture is turning out to look like and oh my goodness, what a shocking and totally surprising one it is…

A plan four years in the making, a plan driven by a warped mind and a plan garnering attention by numerous famous and power-hungry “brokers”. This arc has seriously been like a massive puzzle and hahah I feel like we still have many more developments left to come, how exciting and thrilling. Trying to predict and conceive this Punk Hazard arc has been such an incredible challenge, especially during the start when all we had was randomness after randomness, but hahah, it was fun. Now that certain mysterious players have been revealed; like Caesar Clown, Joker, and Vergo, we finally get to see just what this arc is all about and just where things have been leading toward. Power and weapons huh…

I am seriously struggling to grasp the thoughts I have because after those 14 chapters, I am strangely at a loss for words…my mind is desperately working to piece together all the information it has just received and attempting to coordinate it into an image where everything makes sense and flows. So the genius, Doctor Vegapunk had an assistant who grew jealous of continually being in Vegapunk’s shadow and ended up succumbing to the desire for acknowledgement, where he ended up branching off into his own “world” and experiments which ended up causing the incident on Punk Hazard fours years ago. Amusing that when I first found this out, I couldn’t help but think of Bleach where Kurotsuchi Mayuri is constantly trying to outperform his previous boss, Urahara Kisuke (both scientist and both brilliant).

Caesar Clown is now being driven by his desire to prove himself to the world and as a result he ended up focusing his efforts in the field of weapon’s of mass-destruction. One of his experiments, which involves his pet slime called “smiley” is now the focus in his current broadcast to his illegal “brokers”. Just what does he plan to do with this slime beast and what is this bait he spoke of? He certainly can’t mean helping it travel across water to other Islands, if so, then goodness, things really don’t look good, not that things look good in the current situation, but they are amusing with Luffy and most of his crew immobilized =P.

One Piece Chapter 673 - Captured

Luffy, Smoker, Tashigi, Law, Robin and Franky captured…as well as a bit of nostalgia

Surprised to hear Donquixote Doflamingo is behind everything (so Law used to work for him, interesting…), although I shouldn’t be, while he is very mysterious, these sort of “business dealings” and developments do fit a man of his character, who desires change and chaos more than anything, well he is just someone who enjoys having fun, even if that fun is a lot more distorted and twisted then what is normally preferred. Still…so he is this Joker that had been talked about earlier in the arc, such a shock to see that he implemented steps for his plan to change the pirate age so many years ago – 15 years ago he had Vergo join the Marines and work himself up in rank until he could lead the G-5 division and make what’s currently happening possible, such elaborate and intricate planning, I can’t help but be impressed at Doflamingo. Also Doflamingo’s move to send in Monet as a deep cover agent to spy on Caesar makes me even more impressed at him, Doflamingo certainly is a shrewd man.

Back to Caesar Clown, so he has a Logia Devil Fruit, the Gasu Gasu no Mi, and he able to control the gas around him up to a certain distance, how terrifying and worrying. Only made the connection when Caesar mentioned it but wow, he can control the air you breath as well, how do you combat against that? Brook maybe? Can Haki even negate that effect? I think it is possible to counter that with Haki, but then again Luffy was beat by Caesar…still I am sure there is something Luffy can do with Haki.

Another thing about Caesar, he has other experiments going on, like the “giantification” of humans; he is attempting to tinker with the growth of children and forcefully cause them to grow in size and strength, and ultimately become a giants. It’s a gradual change, but such a fiend Caesar Clown, stealing children from their homes and family and deceiving them constantly with lies and hidden agendas. A shame all his followers glorify and worship him, ah things really need to come into the light where Caesar’s followers can see just what sort of person Caesar Clown really is.

One Piece - The Switched Bodies - by DEIVISCC (http://deiviscc.deviantart.com)

The Switched Bodies – by DEIVISCC (http://deiviscc.deviantart.com)

Loving how creative Oda-sensei had gotten with this arc – gender-bendering and all =P, you can tell Oda-sensei was having lots of fun when writing this arc and illustrating it – got to love the character interactions in the crew and between characters when they ended up switching bodies due to Law’s Devil Fruit ability. One Piece really is like watching a dream and that is why One Piece arcs are so fun to read and watch, it invokes such magical and wondrous feelings within oneself. It also ends up causing the reader to want to “dream” more =).

Curious to see just what Luffy and Co. are going to do now that they have been captured (wonder which Yonkou Law told Luffy he was interested in taking down), but as long as Zoro is around free and slicing things up (oh yes, Zoro’s fire just got ignited!), I’m not worried, he is basically as strong as a Captain Class pirate, so things should be fine…unless he gets himself lost..

One Piece - Zoro's Heart on Fire - by DEIVISCC (http://deiviscc.deviantart.com)

Zoro’s Heart on Fire – by DEIVISCC (http://deiviscc.deviantart.com)

Foxfire Kinemon, what a badass, love the entrance he was given when he got his full body back, hahah invoking flames and slicing flames, such an awesome style he has =), can’t wait to see him unleash in the labs as he looks for his son, Momonosuke.

Wonder what Chopper is going to do as well, will he find a way to reverse the damage done by the drugs of Caesar Clown on the kidnapped children? Well if anyone can, it’s Chopper, the world’s best (and cutest) doctor =D.

Still whatever happens, I am going to enjoy the Strawhat Pirates [unintentionally] screwing another villain in One Piece over =). If they can stop Smiley or the experiment from proceeding, that would certainly mess everything up for Caesar Clown and cause him more than a minor level of annoyance.

As for the silhouettes at the end, I recognised Tamago and Pekoms from the Big Mom pirates and Eustass Kid from the Kid Pirates, the other two silhouettes I am not familiar with – some other famous pirates most likely though. Looking forward to the coming chapters and seeing just what is about to happen and what the Strawhats are going to do about it =P, ah exciting, exciting!!

Also loved “from the decks of the world” cover pages during these chapters, especially chapters 665 (Magellan looks so badass here) and 666 (Bon Clay, HE’S ALIVE!!!!).

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