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Naruto Chapter 590-593 – Eyes Open

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Naruto Chapter 590 - I Love You Forever - colour by Narutospoiler (http://narutospoiler.deviantart.com)

A brother’s love forever supporting and embracing him – colour by Narutospoiler (http://narutospoiler.deviantart.com)

I enjoyed that Itachi and Sasuke farewell a lot, it was quite moving, especially when the reader was reminded of the suffering Itachi had to endure to protect that which he loved. Just like his best friend, Shisui, Itachi also dwelled within the shadows and followed the path of self-sacrifice, all for the sake of Konoha, the Uchiha clan, and peace. Sasuke began to change after he realised all of this and as the reader has seen, he has started to think about the bigger picture and questioning things he doesn’t understand, rather then attaching blind reasons and hatred onto.

In a world where he thought he had nothing, he has come to realise that he does actually have something…something very precious and important, his brother’s love. And although he may not realise it yet, Sasuke also has something else, his best friend’s, Naruto’s, love. Sasuke has blinded himself from the reality of things for so long, but now with the reality of what’s happening right in his face (Itachi’s actions)…all he has left to do is accept it, and move forward.

I have always loved Sasuke’s character, but I wasn’t a fan of the decisions he made through the course of Naruto, but finally, FINALLY, I can embrace this love I have for him =). I’m seeing a change in him and I am very glad that he is now questioning the meaning of things (clan, village, shinobi) and seeking to gather information first before making a decision based on what he understands. Regardless of what he decides, I won’t blame him if the decision he makes is a decision he came to after looking at all the information he has available.

The Dan and Tsunade moment was great, nice how he ended up saving her and restoring her chakra. Also great that they ended up having a proper farewell, aw that symbolic kiss on the head, such a cute scene.

Naruto Chapter 591 - Our Last Kiss My Dear - by MaRaYu9 (http://marayu9.deviantart.com)

“You yourself were my dream…” – colour by MaRaYu (http://marayu9.deviantart.com)

Madara, hahah, surprise surprise, he knew the risk of the Edo Tensei jutsu and is able to free himself from it’s limitations, hahah, I bet Tobi also did this in the past (probably the reason why Kishimoto is pulling this twist now, to set-up the future twist with Tobi). Anyway it’s great that the battle isn’t over, I’m curious to see if anyone can defeat Madara in his prime, but things are worrying for the Kages who are now up against a “freed” Super Madara.

So Tobi is implementing his plan before he has the true Kyuubi chakra, I’m curious to see what effects using only a fraction of the Kyuubi chakra will have on the overall scheme of things, surely something big, right? At the very least the jutsu Tobi intends to cast should be weaker, but will be waiting to see if Tobi having an Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and a Rinnegan make a difference to the lack in Kyuubi Chakra the Gedou Mazou statue has.

Orochimaru, well hello hello, did not expect this to happen, but wow, Orochimaru is back and he has something interesting to show Sasuke as well as everybody else. Just who is this human who knows everything (I have someone in mind, but…)? Who does Sasuke want to meet so badly? But so happy that Sasuke wants to understand things first before casting a judgement or making a decision, he really has grown up and him wanting to grow-up makes this development even better =D (hearing him say he can’t be a child anymore made me smile so much). Nice to have Juugo and Suigetsu back, a shame it wasn’t revealed what the scroll Suigetsu found contained, guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out =P. Looking forward to the next chapter and learning just who this human who knows everything is – does Sasuke want to meet the Rikudou Sennin (The Sage of the Six Paths)? If so then, wow…that would be quite the development.

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