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Bleach 497-500 – The Maelstrom Of Despair And Courage

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Bleach Chapter 499 - Kurosaki Ichigo - colour by VitalikLoL (http://vitaliklol.deviantart.com)

The Rescuer in the Dark, Kurosaki Ichigo – colour by VitalikLoL (http://vitaliklol.deviantart.com)

Beyond the shadow of doubt and the darkness of fright, a ray of light filled with warmth and resolution pierces the apprehensive filled moment revealing a source of courage capable of shattering all unease tormenting ones mind. A reason to attach ones hope onto, a foundation to support ones self back onto, a hero to cast ones belief in. Just as easily as fear and despair can paralyze someone, belief and courage can melt it all away.

Soul Society gripped by a terror so unfamiliar and close begin to waver and despair. Facing a reality so unknown and so foreign causes fear and hestitation to overwhelm whatever remains of courage and hope they have left. At a lose of what to do, they turn to their savour, Kurosaki Ichigo, whose presence and ability sparks up their will to fight once again.

These past few chapters have been so unbelievably good, I am seriously shocked and excited at how much I enjoyed reading them =D. I found them compelling, riveting and so gripping, especially chapter 500, ah I love this and I love the intensity and the ‘on-the-edge-of-your-seat’ moments that are occuring this arc. This arc could very well become my favourite arc of Bleach and I really really really want it to because I have been enjoying it so much recently.

Ichigo being badass and easily pushing Kirge into a corner was great, I enjoyed seeing Ichigo unleash himself. Was also great that the fight was wrapped up quickly to allow Ichigo to head for Soul Society (nice Kisuke!), but wow, was not expecting what happened to have happened…Ichigo is trapped!! Well that really changes things up now, will Ichigo witness the collapse of Soul Society in the current powerless and helpless state he is in now? Am really curious to see what will happen and who will save him, if someone does =D.

Some real chaos unleashed in Soul Society, especially with that Quincy who is capable of controlling other’s – sad how he is forcing Shinigami to kill Shinigami. And we have yet to see the true extent and ability of the Stern Ritter Quincy, not to mention the leader of Vandenreich, who has already been set-up as some serious and powerful badass.

The cliff-hanger of chapter 500, AHHHH!! Such an insane place to have a cliff-hanger, I WANT TO KNOW MORE!!!! Can’t wait for chapter 501, ah I really really really want to know who Kisuke and Co’s savour is (could it be Grimmjow or Nel)! Things are getting better and better this arc, so so excited.

Bleach - Guess Who - by Sideburn004 (http://sideburn004.deviantart.com)

Guess Who – by Sideburn004 (http://sideburn004.deviantart.com)

Also even though the 500th chapter for Bleach came out a while ago, congratulations Bleach and Kubo-sensei on the official 500th chapter =D. Hopefully this final arc goes on for a while longer (a few years =P), because I’m loving Bleach right now!


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