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Catherine (PS3)

In a world without limit, in a world without reality, in a world called a dream, you wake up to a reflection of everything encompassing all that is you. You find yourself, remember yourself, change yourself, just so you can … Continue reading

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Naruto Chapter 590-593 – Eyes Open

I enjoyed that Itachi and Sasuke farewell a lot, it was quite moving, especially when the reader was reminded of the suffering Itachi had to endure to protect that which he loved. Just like his best friend, Shisui, Itachi also … Continue reading

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Bleach 497-500 – The Maelstrom Of Despair And Courage

Beyond the shadow of doubt and the darkness of fright, a ray of light filled with warmth and resolution pierces the apprehensive filled moment revealing a source of courage capable of shattering all unease tormenting ones mind. A reason to … Continue reading

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