Naruto Chapter 580-589 – The Search For One’s Self

Naruto Chapter 584 - Kabuto - colour by itachiulquiorra (

Kabuto’s search for his “self” – colour by itachiulquiorra (

To live means to struggle in search for answers to the questions of ‘who you are’ and ‘what you want’. Beyond your name, beyond your status, beyond being a brother, a sister, a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, a friend, a citizen, a student, an employer, an employee; just who are you really? Questions that pull at the very core and depths of our consciousness, identity and self; questions that reveal a mysterious void present in our self, questions that beckon us to seek answers, questions that take us on a journey of discovery and life.

Kabuto lost in the questions tearing apart himself, desperately reaches out clinging to the first thing comforting his ever-growing emptiness. A self invisible to the world and a reflection even a stranger to himself. Unwilling to accept the reality he finds himself in and unsure of what he really wants, he becomes disillusioned by a temporary filling to the void aching in his self; lusting after power and that which he lacks, he begins to crumble into a “self” not his own.

I have been curious for a while now as to what happened in Kabuto’s past to bring him to where he is now, and it certainly is interesting to see just how his past structured everything he desires now. A “no one” with “nothing” at the beginning and slowly he began to find a place in the world for himself but through the shinobi world, everything he had that kept him from losing himself ended up being broken and taken away and ultimately he ended up being cast away like an item of thrash. The reality of man denying his existence and the ego’s of man abusing who he is, breaking him, confusing him, abandoning him…

In order to go against his reality of lacking and to fill the void of emptiness clamping down on his self, Kabuto takes comfort in acquiring all that he lacks. His time with Orochimaru revealed a path open for him to travel, a path with the potential to answer the questions he has. Even though Kabuto has become a “villain” and even though he has thrown himself away in pursuit of power and a “perfect self”, what Kabuto has always wanted, both in past and even now, is a place to belong, a life recognised by the eyes of man and a life free from the emptiness consuming him…that is why he still tries to abide by the 9pm curfew rule even now…

Naruto Chapter 584 - Orochimaru and Kabuto

Orochimaru’s answer to the mystery of “self”

I quite enjoyed the chapters covering the past of Kabuto (Nonou was great, a shame we didn’t get to see more of her, well that is unless she is resurrected as well O.o), I now feel like I am starting to understand his character. Also the focus on Kabuto did help to distract the readers from the fact that the entire purpose of the scenes of Itachi, Sasuke and Kabuto was to unravel and disassemble Sasuke’s logic in a way which would allow Sasuke to recognise and realise just how flawed his thinking was since the moment he decided to go against Naruto and leave the Hidden Leaf. From the moment Sasuke met with the resurrected Itachi, he has begun to change, as for how much, well we’ll have to see just what Sasuke does now. Still I am really glad that time was taken to focus on Kabuto, it really did give those scenes a more substantial feeling and even link it back to the overall story of the arc – the Shinobi War. Impressive how Kishimoto-sensei was able to handle so many developments in those scenes – Sasuke changing, Kabuto’s past and his reasons for his action, Itachi’s plan and what he learned after he lost trying to do everything himself. It certainly wasn’t the most exciting part of Naruto, but in the end it was handled nicely, especially with Itachi wanting to help save Kabuto from himself, I thought was that great. And it’s great that Sasuke is listening now rather than whining, it seems even though he attempted to deny it, he has come to understand more things about himself and what he should do.

Naruto Chapter 581 - Izanami - colour by itachiulquiorra (

The forbidden jutsu, Izanami – colour by itachiulquiorra (

No surprise with Izanami, from the moment Izanagi was revealed I expected Izanami to appear at some point, still interesting how Kishimoto-sensei linked the two into a relationship of balance. The infinite loop which the target gets locked into is pretty awesome (fitting that the master of illusions, Itachi, used it) and so is it being a counter to the Izanagi, but hahah, them Sharingan’s are certainly powerful, I wonder what other secrets they hold. Wonder if Sasuke is going to use Izanami on Tobi when he uses his Izanagi.

Naruto Chapter 588 - The Five Kages vs Uchiha Madara

Beaten but not defeated, the Five Kages stand against power itself

The five kages vs Uchiha Madara, been waiting for the focus to shift back to them and hahah, after some great team work by the five kages (enjoyed that a lot, nice one Oonoki), Madara quickly stacks the tables against them again with his perfected Susanoo – geez and Hashirama took on him? What a boss Hashirama, both Madara and he are monsterous beasts.

Fortunately for the kages, Itachi is a badass and with his awesomeness (“sharingan”), he was able to release the Edo Tensei jutsu – I guess he was right when he told Kabuto that HE was the jutsus weak point =D. Also great to see Itachi keep his fate in Naruto as Sasuke was stating he still intended to destroy Konoha. And how amazing is it that Itachi is about to poke Sasuke on the head ONE LAST TIME, geez, that is going to be so awesome to see next chapter and man is it going to be emotional – I know Sasuke will feel it. Or will it be a hug? Hahah I’m really looking forward to it now.

Naruto Chapter 589 - Sasuke - colour by SolarButterfly (

Sasuke: “Farewell, brother…” – colour by SolarButterfly (

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