Diablo III – My Dance With Diablo (Inferno)

Diablo III - Inferno Diablo Defeated

The boss of the boss, the evil of the prime, the prime of the evil, THE Diablo of Diablo III has been defeated (4 player group), and man it feels good, such an epic battle!

Out of the ashes and shadows left behind by the trail of destruction and terror caused by the Lord of Terror himself, who has now assumed the role of the Prime Evil, the evil composed of all the evils of Hell itself, four heroes rise up and step into light ushering in through their mixed yet enigmatic blood, a destiny which remains unwritten yet held dear among the hopes of many, both mortal and immortal. These four heroes stand in front of hell itself, they face off against that which seeks to destroy all who live and all who yet remain to be subjugated under the terror and force of the ultimate darkness. Overcoming death, life and even themselves, these four heroes arise from the flames of Hell cast across the skies of the High Heavens to vanquish the Prime Evil and restore balance and light to all engulfed in the shadows of an ancient feud still ongoing and forever existing between two contrasting yet identical beings and the factions that represent them.

A dance of pain, a dance of intensity, a dance of victory, a dance of disbelief, a dance of euphoria….a smile of satisfaction. Yeah yeahhhh!! Inferno Diablo is DOWNED!! (Diablo III, defeated!)

Such an intense fight we had against Inferno Diablo but how epic is was, especially now that he is defeated! Phase 2 is just completely insane though, we had to carry out a specific strategy in order to overcome it. During phase 1 before Diablo enters phase 2, the 3 other players in my group (my [Twelve] guildmates) had to die one after each other, when 2 of us were remaining, I tanked Diablo (was on my Monk) and distracted him as my team-mate resurrected the two other player who don’t accept the resurrection and remain dead. My team-mate then dies and I resurrect him and continue dancing with Diablo until he enters phase 2. When my clone appears, the three others resurrect and focus on my clone.  When Shadow Diablo appears, I continue tanking him, and we put the same strategy  in place for when Diablo summons my clone again (they die, and resurrect when my clone pops up). Dealing with one clone, especially mine who is has mainly melee abilities, makes this phase so much easier. Had to implement that strategy 3 times, but once we cleared phase 2, phase 3 was a straight out battle of surviving and burning Diablo. Now there were some scary moments when I died and Darkshaunz on his Demon Hunter had to survive and resurrect me, and he this twice which was incredibly epic play on his part. In the end I ended up dying a total of 5-6 times during that fight, but man was it so satisfying seeing Diablo defeated, the disbelief, the intense sigh of relief, the smile of satisfaction, all of it felt so good…

Pretty awesome how in that play of 8 hours, we were able to clear, Belial (defeated him for the first time last week, but it was good to defeat him again), Azmodan (fastforwarded straight to him after Belial since one of my team mates had the quest and waypoint), and cleared all of Act IV (Iskatu took a few times, Rakanoth was quite painless in a group, and while Izual took some time, he was manageable). Went back to do Act III Inferno, we got up to defeating Ghom and then called it a night).

Diablo III - Azmodan, the Lord of Sin defeated Diablo III - Rakanoth defeated Diablo III - Ghom defeated

For those interested, I have 1,800 life on hit, 38,000 hp (42k with my Earth Clone summoned which I try to keep always summoned), 2,800 base armor (with the Hard Target rune for Mantra of Evasion, it is around ~3,400), 710 resist to everything (my main resist is arcane resist and I use One With Everything talent to bring up all resist to the arcane resist level), my damage per second is 7.5k (nothing special, it’s pretty bad honestly, but oh well…). Was using the Lightning Flash rune for Fist of Thunder to increase my dodge temporarily and whenever possible I was casting my Mantra of Evasion to increase my dodge percentage even more (it was around 36% with Mantra of Evasion active and with everything cast, it can go to ~66% temporarily). If you are interested, this was my build. My gear isn’t really that epic, I didn’t use the Auction House much, the most I spent there was 55k gold, most of my gear I found as drops.

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