Prometheus (film)

Prometheus Wallpaper

“The search for our beginning could lead to our end”

Lost in ourselves and what we are, we extend ourselves in hopes to reach a level of understanding where the perception of everything reveals that which remains incomplete in minds governing our actions. Questions without answers and answers with unknown questions, Prometheus attempts to delve into the roots of humanity and answer one of the most fundamental questions for humanity – where did we come from? A simple, an important, a necessary question.

Prometheus starts off promisingly; it sets up a good level of mystery, it introduces an interesting cast of characters, and it establishes the existence of alien lifeforms and a potential connection to humanity as well as a possible identity of the “creator/engineer” of “us”.

By the time you reach the end of Prometheus, you begin to wonder about certain developments in the film and realise the extent of plot holes present. Now there is nothing really bad about having plot holes but there comes a time when so many plot holes become one plot hole too many. And a certain development at the end of the film really did push me off the edge causing me to stop ignoring these holes, because that moment really was the one development in the film that I found incredibly stupid, forced and unnecessary, which ultimately left me with an incredibly bitter aftertaste, sapping most of the enjoyment I experienced up to that point. Now I did enjoy the film, but that development certainly did hamper my enjoyment of the film.

That moment is when Meredith Vickers is a spectator to the Engineer’s disabled spaceship crashing onto the planet and finds herself directly in the path it is crashing towards. Now seriously, did anyone watching this and seeing how things ended not mentally yell just how incredible forced and silly this scene was? Elizabeth Shaw was also in the path the spaceship was crashing towards, but she practically rolled two meters to her right and escaped being crashed…Vickers who was at most three meters away from Shaw five seconds before Shaw tripped ended up being crushed…seriously, I don’t get this scene, why did they have Vickers eject in an escape pod before Janek (how did he figure out the purpose of the structure?) crashed Prometheus into the Engineers spaceship just so Vickers can be undone by some seriously bad writing…honestly, why not have her remain on the Prometheus and end things in a badass way helping to save the Earth? Ugh, I really cannot get over how silly this scene is, there is so much bad writing surrounding it and it doesn’t helped that there are many more plot holes present in the film. Why the hell would you run in the direction the spaceship is crashing towards when running ten meters diagonally (or at the very least at an angle) of it would see you escaping the path it’s crashing towards and keep your life…And what’s even more ridiculous is that Vickers was the most logically person in the film and she ended following such illogical logic at the end? Ah, this moment really did kill the film for me…

Prometheus - Meredith Vickers - Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron as Meredith Vickers, ❤

Well it could just be because that from the moment I seen Charlize Theron’s name pop up in the intro credits, I fell in love with whatever character she was playing. Vickers introduction; badass, Vickers pragmatic mannerism; badass, Vickers realising the unnecessarism of having an answer to the question of  ‘where “we” come from’; badass, Vickers seeing the importance in death (life is only precious because death exists; the relationship between life and death as they intimately embrace each other, now that is beautiful); badass, Vickers being badass; badass, Vickers being played by Charlize Theron; extremely badass. As you can see, I’m a big of Charlize Theron, and her death plagued by some depressingly bad writing really doesn’t sit well with me. Anyway what happened, happened, lets move on, and lets look forward to Mad Max 4: Fury Road, where Theron will be co-starring as Furiosa.

The intro scene in Prometheus really did have me waiting to see the meaning behind it, but nothing substantial relating to it was later covered. I, and most likely everybody else had to theorize on what the meaning behind that scene was. My take on it is that that “pre-human” at the start drinking the black liquid and having his DNA break down and build back up after he fell into the river was him being the source of what would become “human beings”. Those “engineers”/”pre-humans” chose Earth as the place to give “birth” to humanity. If this is the case than humanity isn’t natural; we weren’t naturally created, we were engineered and our existence itself goes against nature and distorts the very natural order of everything.

Prometheus - Meredith Vickers - Charlize Theron-3

Meredith Vickers wielding a flame thrower

Also I’m curious, why did the “engineers”/”pre-humans” run away from in the facility on that planet, what was after them? It was never made clear what killed them, was it their own exposed to the dark liquid? What is some strange life form mutated from the dark liquid? Also I want to know, why exactly did those four “engineers”/”pre-humans” freeze themselves in their cryonics containers? Were they waiting for whatever was threatening the facility to die out over time? When exactly were they planning to wake up and why didn’t their home planet send more people to help them, especially when they already decided that they planned to exterminate their own creations – human beings. Why wait thousands of years to exterminate a race of beings who you already decided on exterminating? I don’t get it…

Also with these “engineers”/”pre-humans”, for such an intelligent and advance race, they sure are portrayed as savages and caveman…I just found it amusing that their initial reaction in meeting another “intelligent life form” is to decapitate their head and kill everyone else – I sure hope Weyland got his answers there, that “engineer”/”pre-human” was certainly direct.

Fifield and Millburn getting lost in that structure…I don’t believe it…Fifield is a geologist and his flying robot balls mapped out the structure, just how did they get lost when the other group with Shaw and Co. were pressured and panicked by the time limit…it would have been more logically and appropriate for Shaw and Co. to get lost instead of Fifield and Millburn who had so much time to get out. I can’t help but find their presence in the structure forced by bad writing and why did they end up going back to the room they initially ran away from? Yeah, good idea, lets hide out in here when there are dozens of other areas to rest in…

Prometheus - Elizabeth Shaw - Noomi Rapace

Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw

Elizabeth Shaw, now I really didn’t care much for her character and I wasn’t really interested in her, well until she used that machine to rip her stomach open and remove her “baby”, that scene, just wow…the opening in her stomach being stapled closed, wow, that was intense and I sure did become interested in her character after that. Also the question she becomes compelled by at the end of the film really is one with an obvious answer – why would the “engineers”/”pre-humans” want to exterminate humanity? The answer, because the “engineers”/”pre-humans” understand themselves and thus understand humanity. The fact that Shaw is seeking an answer to that question practically answers the question itself – really now what killed the cat? The “engineers”/”pre-humans” understand humanities ability to save and protect, but they also understand their ability to destroy and corrupt. An existence that threatens existence itself, why wouldn’t the “engineers”/”pre-humans” not want to make amends for their “mistakes”, if they consider humanity a “mistake” (human beings already do this now, if “peace” if threatened by something or somebody, they “deal” with it or him/her/them). Since the “engineers”/”pre-human” wouldn’t want to exterminate themselves, they cut the threat off at the next base – humanity.

Also I should express this, I  had no idea that Prometheus was a prequel to Aliens movies before watching it. I only found out at the end when I expressed to my brother that the end reminded me of Aliens…and yeah, I realised why when he told the connection between the movies. I guess not knowing the connection between the movies did cause me to have higher expectations of Prometheus even though I didn’t have many expectations to begin with (I thought the movie would be somewhat intellectual, but I was somewhat mistaken). I guess knowing it was a prequel to Aliens would have helped set what frame of mind I should have been in.

The whole label of “Alien” for the “Aliens” is such a massive misconception, the “Aliens” are actually in fact “half-humans” and whatever that dark liquid was. The Aliens were “birthed” by a sterile woman and an infected man. Shaw got pregnant, gave birth to an octopus looking creature (I don’t get why Shaw just left her alien offspring like that after she removed it, why not tell someone about it or get a flame thrower and you know kill it? She already knew how dangerous the planet was at that point and I’m sure she knew how dangerous the things inside was, which is why she went so far to remove it from her…so why not…”deal” with it hmmmm?), that octopus looking creature inserted something inside the “engineer”/”pre-human” which resulted in the birth of the “Alien” we are commonly familiar with from the story. Still we should be calling the “Aliens” brother and sister instead of something so foreign, really now such a sad fate both races ended up in.

Prometheus - David - Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender as David, the android curious about creation

David, now he is an interesting character, I enjoyed his introduction, but I don’t completely get why he infected Holloway with the dark liquid. Did he know what would happen? Did he dislike Holloway? With the statement “big things have small beginnings”, did he intend to cause the birth of the “Aliens” (he was interested in creation and quite curious in it)? Well whatever the case it’s extremely amusing seeing how things ended up as – something or someone creates the “engineers/pre-humans”, the “engineers”/”pre-humans” create human beings, human beings create David (android), David creates the “Aliens” (he practically did). Now what will the “Aliens” create?

Generally Prometheus is an entertaining movie, it’s just that one moment with the bad writing surrounding Vickers that killed the movie for me, but other than that, the rest of the plot holes are bearable. To me Prometheus ended up as your usual survival-horror science fiction story packaged into something that seems intellectual and smart with very good visuals and special effects (they are very nice). It has a lot of good elements, but the aftertaste isn’t really anything special (certainly not like the initial Aliens movies). Still, I will be looking forward to the sequel to this prequel, hopefully many of these plot holes are answered.

I give Prometheus a 7/10 (6 of it being because of Charlize Theron and the remaining 1 being because of the twist at the end, I quite enjoyed that).

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2 Responses to Prometheus (film)

  1. JustMeMike says:

    Possible answers or said in other words – More questions
    1) A war between the Good Engineers who we don’t see and the bad Engineers who are mostly all dead – except for the one is stasis.If not an internecine war between good engineers and bad ones – who killed the engineers? Who ever it was wasn’t present when the Earthlings arrived – except for the black goo, and the small wriggling worms.
    2) David wants to out do Old Man Weyland as David started pure 9like a new harddrive) but was corrupted by living in the world of humans. He had no choice.
    3) The whole thing is a set up for a sequel to the prequel. Betcha it opens on Xmas Day 2014.
    4) If the Engineers wanted to destroy humanity (because humanity is evil, corrupt, etc ) – how could they get to such a concept if the last time they visited Earth was during the caveman era. How come no visits since then?
    5) Why do they start with us thinking that Weyland is dead – he says as much in the holograph, then bring him back to be killed within minutes later on. I guess this is as bad as Vickers escaping in the pod, only to be killed shortly afterwards (Answer – all together now —> bad writing)
    6) Why do they have Vickers invite Janek to her room? And we see none of what happened. What was the purpose of it?
    7) What was the purpose of the not shocking reveal that Vickers was Weyland’s daughter?

    Thanks for your fine work on this review about a movie that could have been and should have been so much better. I enjoyed reading your questions, answers and conclusions.

    • Syphin says:

      Thank you :D, I also enjoyed your response, a lot (I really like your number 1 and 2 comments); this movie really does make you ask a lot of questions. I actually let that scene where Vickers invited Janek to her room slip my mind, but since you mention it, what was the purpose of it? Hmmm. Hopefully the sequel clears things up with the story and characters, because there were a lot of ends left open and developments left indetermined.

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