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Game Of Thrones Season Two

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Game of Thrones - Intro

A Clash of Kings

Been waiting for this since last year and it was so worth the wait. Ended up waiting for all 10 episodes to air before I started watching it because it would have been just too painful waiting a week for each episode once you have gotten that initial taste, that glorious, engrossing and epic initial taste. And what a season this was, the new characters introduced and the existing characters developed on, all of them were handled amazingly and those shock-awe moments, man were they unexpected and sudden, I certainly did not expect most of those twists to occur at those times. Still I miss Ned Stark severely, ah, he was such a fantastic character.

In my entry for season one, I said “you are barely given any chance to turn your attention away from what is happening, before something else happens”, and that remains true for season two as well, things happen so suddenly. Many times when I was just about to move from the previous big development another big development appears and takes it’s place in my mind, for example that “shadow” at the end of episode 4 and that twist at the beginning of episode 5, I certainly did not expect that! From then onwards, I realised just how engrained in fantasy Game of Thrones is. Well they did introduce dragons at the end of season one and there are the “White Walkers”, so it was already very heavily built on fantasy, but to this extent? I didn’t expect “enigmas” of such extent to appear.  When the “faceless assassin” revealed himself, I pretty much decided not to place a limit on what is possible for Games of Thrones (magic!), because that development really did blow my mind….it was so…amazing, it made me love him even more (is he part of this “brotherhood”) and I can’t wait to see what happens with Arya (she is awesome).

Once I decided that, that twist in the season finale rather than shocking me immensely, made me incredibly excited because it’s what I’ve been waiting for since episode one of season one – yeah WHITE WALKERS!! It was still shocking, but wow, it ended at such a climatic point, I WANT MORE!

My favourite moment in season two is when Rob and Talisa accepted their feelings for one another and embraced the love they have for each other, their relationship has me smiling so much. One of the rare moments in Game of Thrones that is actually based on love and has a whole positive feeling about it, it was fantastic, I support their relationship completely, because I love it, I certainly hope nothing…tragic happens to them, it would be too cruel =(.

The developments with Jon Snow also has me intrigued, a side of the world which has been talked about since the first episode of season one yet barely focused on seems to be on the verge of being covered, well, have to wait for season three to see if that is the case, but whatever the case, the White Walkers do seem to be the focus in the coming story arc and I can’t wait, I very tempted to read the novels now.

Now the Lannister’s are a pretty dislikable family, but Tyrion is awesome, especially with how “unidiotic” he is, unlike the King who just became a character to severely dislike. The whole political battleground and mind warfare that goes on inside King’s Landing was quite enthralling when Tyrion was pushing things, will be interesting to see what he does from here onwards now that he has lost his power as the King’s Hand. The Tyrion and Shae relationship is also one of those positive feeling things in Game of Thrones, hopefully nothing tragic happens to them as well =(.

The mother of DRAGONS!! She certainly did show her strength at the end of the season, really impressive the way she handled the betrayer and traitor. I can’t wait to see her and her Dragons take the focus when they head for the Throne of the Seven Kingdoms, but first I’m curious to see the ship and crew they have in order to travel across the narrow sea, also her dragons are awesome, I love dragons =).

Ah, this season is over already =(, I can’t wait for season three, things were left off at such a climatic moment and WHITE WALKERS!! A lot of interesting development happened in this season, but I still find season one had more shocking and powerful twist (NEDDD!!). Extremely tempted to read the novels and I most likely will, so am looking forward to that.

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