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Naruto Chapter 580-589 – The Search For One’s Self

Naruto Chapter 584 - Kabuto - colour by itachiulquiorra (http://itachiulquiorra.deviantart.com)

Kabuto’s search for his “self” – colour by itachiulquiorra (http://itachiulquiorra.deviantart.com)

To live means to struggle in search for answers to the questions of ‘who you are’ and ‘what you want’. Beyond your name, beyond your status, beyond being a brother, a sister, a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, a friend, a citizen, a student, an employer, an employee; just who are you really? Questions that pull at the very core and depths of our consciousness, identity and self; questions that reveal a mysterious void present in our self, questions that beckon us to seek answers, questions that take us on a journey of discovery and life.

Kabuto lost in the questions tearing apart himself, desperately reaches out clinging to the first thing comforting his ever-growing emptiness. A self invisible to the world and a reflection even a stranger to himself. Unwilling to accept the reality he finds himself in and unsure of what he really wants, he becomes disillusioned by a temporary filling to the void aching in his self; lusting after power and that which he lacks, he begins to crumble into a “self” not his own.

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Diablo III – My Dance With Diablo (Inferno)

Diablo III - Inferno Diablo Defeated

The boss of the boss, the evil of the prime, the prime of the evil, THE Diablo of Diablo III has been defeated (4 player group), and man it feels good, such an epic battle!

Out of the ashes and shadows left behind by the trail of destruction and terror caused by the Lord of Terror himself, who has now assumed the role of the Prime Evil, the evil composed of all the evils of Hell itself, four heroes rise up and step into light ushering in through their mixed yet enigmatic blood, a destiny which remains unwritten yet held dear among the hopes of many, both mortal and immortal. These four heroes stand in front of hell itself, they face off against that which seeks to destroy all who live and all who yet remain to be subjugated under the terror and force of the ultimate darkness. Overcoming death, life and even themselves, these four heroes arise from the flames of Hell cast across the skies of the High Heavens to vanquish the Prime Evil and restore balance and light to all engulfed in the shadows of an ancient feud still ongoing and forever existing between two contrasting yet identical beings and the factions that represent them.

A dance of pain, a dance of intensity, a dance of victory, a dance of disbelief, a dance of euphoria….a smile of satisfaction. Yeah yeahhhh!! Inferno Diablo is DOWNED!! (Diablo III, defeated!)

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Bleach Chapter 491-496 – Shades Of War

Bleach Chapter 494 - cover

The Gotei 13; Genryuusai Yamamoto, Sui-Feng, Rose, Unohana, Hirako, Byakuya, Komamura, Shunsui, Kensei, Toushirou, Kenpachi, Mayuri, Ukitake

Wow, so the Quincy were this tough, who would have guessed they would overwhelm the Shinigami to such an extent, although it’s more due to their plan (those “sealing medals”) than their fighting ability which we have only just seen the tip of. Now I begin to wonder, why hasn’t Uryuu shown off such power? Now I understand these Quincy are different from Uryuu but does Uryuu  have the capacity to reach the level where he can dispose of a Gotei 13 vice-captain like s/he was nothing? It certainly will  be interesting to see what Uryuu does during these events.

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Prometheus (film)

Prometheus Wallpaper

“The search for our beginning could lead to our end”

Lost in ourselves and what we are, we extend ourselves in hopes to reach a level of understanding where the perception of everything reveals that which remains incomplete in minds governing our actions. Questions without answers and answers with unknown questions, Prometheus attempts to delve into the roots of humanity and answer one of the most fundamental questions for humanity – where did we come from? A simple, an important, a necessary question.

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Game Of Thrones Season Two

Game of Thrones - Intro

A Clash of Kings

Been waiting for this since last year and it was so worth the wait. Ended up waiting for all 10 episodes to air before I started watching it because it would have been just too painful waiting a week for each episode once you have gotten that initial taste, that glorious, engrossing and epic initial taste. And what a season this was, the new characters introduced and the existing characters developed on, all of them were handled amazingly and those shock-awe moments, man were they unexpected and sudden, I certainly did not expect most of those twists to occur at those times. Still I miss Ned Stark severely, ah, he was such a fantastic character.

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