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Naruto Chapter 580-589 – The Search For One’s Self

To live means to struggle in search for answers to the questions of ‘who you are’ and ‘what you want’. Beyond your name, beyond your status, beyond being a brother, a sister, a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, … Continue reading

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Diablo III – My Dance With Diablo (Inferno)

Out of the ashes and shadows left behind by the trail of destruction and terror caused by the Lord of Terror himself, who has now assumed the role of the Prime Evil, the evil composed of all the evils of … Continue reading

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Bleach Chapter 491-496 – Shades Of War

Wow, so the Quincy were this tough, who would have guessed they would overwhelm the Shinigami to such an extent, although it’s more due to their plan (those “sealing medals”) than their fighting ability which we have only just seen … Continue reading

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Prometheus (film)

Lost in ourselves and what we are, we extend ourselves in hopes to reach a level of understanding where the perception of everything reveals that which remains incomplete in minds governing our actions. Questions without answers and answers with unknown … Continue reading

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Game Of Thrones Season Two

Been waiting for this since last year and it was so worth the wait. Ended up waiting for all 10 episodes to air before I started watching it because it would have been just too painful waiting a week for … Continue reading

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