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Fanart Dimension – Samus Aran

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Drawing - Samus Aran - by Syphin

The galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter and one of gaming’s sexiest heroines, Samus Aran

This piece was requested by one of my guildmates (here), he wanted Samus Aran (Metroid) in her zero suit with her special gun in a sexy pose, not sure how I nailed the sexy down but regardless, Samus Aran is by default amazingly sexy and this drawing was really fun to create.

I even surprised myself by how good it turned out =P, some of what I did was not planned when I decided to draw and colour Samus, but it just came about when I ended up playing around with certain effects and techniques in Photoshop, ah it’s great to learn and to experiment. Really happy that my drawing and colouring are improving, and I’m ecstatic about the end result with this drawing. Hope everyone enjoys it.

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