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Diablo III – The End of Days (Part I)

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Diablo III – Death and destruction plague the land engulfed by chaos and darkness. The foretold end days has begun its countdown unto it’s existence…

I am shocked at how smooth everything in the game comes together; from the ease at which it is to pick up and play this game (it’s ridiculously easy), the overwhelming fun that you get when you play it; the fact that even with its ease to play there is so much depth in how things work and are set-up. I’m beginning to wonder just how did Blizzard end up refining this game so much? Ah and I’m only at the start! (well a couple of hours in, but it’s the beginning – my monk is level 10).

Enjoying the story a lot and loving how all the dialog is voiced, sometimes you just get tired of reading and having things spoken out aloud makes the gaming experience so much more relaxing as you don’t have to exert that extra [little] effort to look at the text and read it. And speaking about having the dialog voiced, the voice acting is fantastic, I love it (especially the female monk voice). And hahah I knew I recognised a voice for one of the characters – the character Tashun the Miner also voices Jiraiya from Naruto (David Lodge):

DiabloIII - Syphin - Tashun the Miner DiabloIII - Syphin - Tashun the Miner - 2

Deckard Cain, ah it’s good to see him again, you know you in Diablo and that all hell is about to let loose soon when he is there preaching about the coming End Days. Of course no one believes him…yet…a shame it would probably take a demon or some skeletons to appear and start killing some people before the surviving others get the message (will this happen? hmmm). Leah, I wonder what role her character is going to unfold into during the story of Diablo III.

Oh exciting, exciting. The Monk so far is extremely fun to play, I’m loving it. I wonder how the other classes compare O.o.

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