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Diablo III – It Has Begun!

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Diablo III - Syphin - Monk

“…attacks faster than the eye can follow…” – mmm Monk’s are badass

Got my copy of Diablo III today and hahah had to visit several stores until I could find one, the first two didn’t have them in stock =(. Fortunately Dick Smith did =D. Ended up playing Diablo II: Lord of Destruction a few days ago just to refresh my memory of the story and the gameplay, it was fun running around as a Sorceress. Anyway the installing did take some time but finally in the game! Oh so I thought…forgot I had to wait until America reached midnight of the 15th of May =(. Anyway I can log in now, but wow so many session/request time outs…

The intro is amazing, love the artwork when it captured the Light vs Shadow battles and those intense scenes of Deckard Cain and his niece, Leah, where the forces of Hell began to finally make their move on the Earth realm again was spectacular.

I plan to play a Monk. Haven’t really read up on what the plus and minuses of each class are, I’m just playing a monk because it is a MONK. Ah jumping into unsound waters with no preparation and wondering if I’ll crash and drown or catch the wave and ride it to euphoria, ah what mystery and thrill.

Anyway time for me to begin my journey into Diablo III and enjoy the epicness about to unfold before me!

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